Tuesday, December 16, 2008 ;
9:26 AM
Back from Shanghai.

Here are the pics taken during the hospital visit. Didn't take the crucial ones, like when ds2 was being seen by the doctor, and of course not the dad who was removing vomitus from his jeans. They'd have strangled me if I took pics of them. Anyway I was carrying ds2 most of the time.

This is when ds2 was sick. He asked to sleep on the sofa during the day. He preferred the higher armrest because lying down flat seemed to hurt more. And he somehow likes to lie only one side. He said that ear hurt more, and lying on it helped. I don't know why, but he says it is less painful when he lies on it.

And he was especially attached to his Winnie the Pooh towel, insisted on hugging the towel when he sleeps.

This is the hospital from the outside. This is the children's hospital, and the 3 lanes of vehicles you see are all jammed up and are just the 1st part of the queue trying to get into the carpark of the hospital.

See the white barrier at the bottom left corner of the photo? That's to cordon off the car queue from the rest of the main traffic on the main road. Which means this is a permanent problem. Then why not a bigger carpark??

This one below shows the toy vendors and their permanent stalls just beside the hospital's main entrance. They sell all kinds of toys. Many of them carry a sample and walk throughout the hospital selling the toys to us. I was approached twice, and asked to buy a flashing bouncy ball and spinning Buzz Lightyear (fake replica) for ds2. Fortunately ds2 was just interested in looking and did not pester me to buy because I don't like to buy such toys.

This shows the main lobby. I was thankful the ceiling was high here and there was more air to breathe than the University Hospital's children section, which was just a small room. This pic is to show the queue on the 1st floor, where you have to register first. Took the pic from the 2nd floor, so it's not too clear. After registration, you have to take the escalator to find the correct department to wait for your number to be called.

Does it strike you that even though the hospital sees only child patients, you see only adults in the pic? Cos I already mentioned, each kid has many adults accompanying them to see the doc, so the number of adults greatly outnumber kids and all these adults are actually very healthy and not sick.

After seeing doctor, this is where you queue to pay then queue again to get medicine. Again, I only see one child in the pic, and you can barely see her hand holding onto her mom's hand.

And recall that I said seats are very few? Most people stand around to wait also. Like me and ds2.

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