Thursday, November 20, 2008 ;
11:21 AM
Some pictures I took in and around Tianjin.

Football stadium used during the Olympics. It's right where I always go for grocery-shopping.

Inside e-mart (where I shop every week). I wish I could take pics of everything I find unusual, but only this trip I managed to sneak a few pics. I don't want to walk around snapping pics, cos I think people will think I am crazy. It's like snapping pics in NTUC.

Can you guess what those are? Sea grasses?

Many examples of funny signs and instructions here. But most of the time, I forget to take pics. There was once, Dh and I were travelling up an escalator and we saw the sign "Youngster and Oldster take care".

Then this tag on the piece of clothing says "You can complain about everything".

At the same Korean-owned e-mart supermarket: grapes for us to taste. Can sample most things here.

Cyclists, tricyclists, cars, and every possible vehicle can travel on the roads here. Motorised bikes and tricycles need not be licensed, and you don't need a licence to drive it.

There is a lot of dust flying about, so many cyclists will wrap a scarf or piece of cloth around the head. This lady with a red veil is one of them.

Another one. Sometimes they wear an almost opaque piece of cloth over the head, and it is scary from far. Cos they look like headless cyclists cycling along. I cannot see their heads or eyes at all, and I think they can only see dimly. Hope it's not dangerous for them. Some will use giant reflective visors to reduce sun glare.

This is the road leading into our estate, and our apartment in way in. We walk a distance out to the bus stop. That distance is getting more and more daunting now that it is nearing winter. The wind is icy cold, and it blows relentlessly. The temp is stated as 2deg at noon, but it feels much lower because of the wind and the water vapour in the wind.

As I near our apartment unit, you can see the chimney of the factory near our estate clearly. And everyday I see it smoke coming out of it, non-stop. Don't feel good everytime I see it, and especially now everyone seems down with a cough, from the kids at school, to ds1, to myself, Dh, my neighbors...

What to do? Tianjin is an industrial place. She is very attractive for companies, who all flocks here, and so the workers have to come here. There is no choice.

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