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1 Oct
Childrens' Day in Singapore
Science Center

Our close family church friends were going to the Science Center on this day, so we went along to join in the fun.

There was a huge crowd in the morning when we reached, but we managed to view quite a few sections of the science center. The kids chose the areas they wanted to visit, and I think they chose Viruses, Energy, Discovery Center and Human Body (not in that order). Can't recall exact details now. Help me if you can, Angeling.

Below shows 3 kids in the electric chair, sentencing themselves to the death penalty by electrocution. Both ds and Mx acted being shocked.

The dads and the kids having a carrom game on a special board, sure-win kind.

There was also a couple of science shows and demos. The kids enjoyed the lightning demo a lot. Only thing ds1 raised his hand eagerly for every question the demonstrator was asking, again. I was sitting nearby, and every time his hand went up, I cringed as a reflex action, I don't know why. I was even afraid the guy would call on him to answer, because all the questions were about physics and at a level way beyond what he can answer. But he just likes to guess and to raise his hand!

The guy called him once, I can't remember what the Q was exactly, something about why the lightning charge between the 2 metal rods will start from the bottom and move to the top of both poles then disappear. His was the first hand to shoot up and so the guy had no choice but to call on him. He said something like "because of wind pushing it up".

The guy hesitated and said, "err, yes, you have the right idea! Wind is like convection current and convection current......". The guy was probably told never to say any child was wrong, so he was bravely trying to link what ds1 said, to the right answer. Well done man! I just wanted to laugh.

After that, everytime ds1's hand shot up, the guy avoided eye contact with ds1's area. haha. And after some time, with many other enthusiastic but not quite right answers from the rather young audience, he started asking Qs, then answering them himself. :-)

The kids had so much fun together. Everytime we return, it is as if we never left. We talked easily with our friends, the kids played together like they never parted. I am so glad for this. It is so precious, the kids' friendship. I've always hoped the kids will have strong friendships with other kids in the church, so they will grow up together, always encouraging and motivating each other.

When we adjourned to McDonalds for a late lunch, we made our way to JE Entertainment center, because the one at the Science Center was totally packed. When we left the Center, more and more families were still piling in, and the queue at the ticket booth was even longer than in the morning.

We were rewarded at JEC's McDonalds with Mr Ronald's appearance. He was out because it was Children's Day. The pic below is such a happy one, except for an extra behind, with a large Chinese word on the tee. Quite distracting.

10 Oct

My sis and bro-in-law wanted to treat us to Kuishin-Bo, a Japanese buffet place at Jurong Point's Japanese Food Street, Shokutsu-10 Osaka. The cost per person is rather steep, so we decided to leave the kids with my mom, so as not to strain my sis' budget. :-) Eva went in free of course, she is still a baby.

She was so not happy to see us eat, and fussed throughout the meal, so the 4 of us took turns carrying her around the restaurant.

Hey, ok, I just realised my arm looks a bit fat in the pic below. Not so flattering. Next time I must look at pics more carefully before uploading them. hehe.

On another day, both our families went to Vivocity and HarbourFront malls for a leisurely walk, a meal and just to spend some time with each other.

When my sis and I were browsing in Mothercare's largest store in HarbourFront, the kids, including Eva, were playing on the carousel outside the store.

Usually we don't put any money into those machines, but that day, we gave them a rare treat. Also, we thought it was pretty worth it, since now we fill up the whole 3-horse carousel. Each knight to a fine steed!

Eva started out being very curious and interested in the movement, sounds and a mirror on top of the carousel (she can see herself). But towards the end of the ride, she was clinging onto her daddy, and the pole and looked quite terror-stricken. See her expression, so funny.

I am a bad aunt, I like to laugh when I see her like that. :-) It's too funny.
But then, my sis will ask my kids to do silly things and film them. Those things are stuff that'll make them wish the ground will swallow them up in future should they view the movie clips. And my sis wants to keep them well for good use next time, as she says. How evil my kids' aunt is too! :-)

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