Monday, November 24, 2008 ;
11:33 PM
We took some family pics. The first family pics we took here in Tianjin.

Wanted to send some cards to our friends in USA, to wish them Happy Thanksgiving. ds1 helped with the "decorating" of the pics.

Both ds loved the "googify" effect, pulling our ears out, making our faces bloated, creating horns on our faces etc, but I didn't use those of course. You couldn't even tell it was us, after they were done "touching up" the pics.

Here are those we finally selected to send our friends some greetings.

We wore the matching batik clothes..

Pencil sketch effect. The batik pattern comes up so nicely. haha.

Our family has never had a studio photo taken. We haven't done any portraits or cover-looks or hired anyone professional to take pics of us. Everytime I see someone's family studio portrait, I would be tempted to go take one. Because I too, like to have some make-up done by an artist, like my hair to be done by a stylist, and have some professional photography done.

But we always decide against it in the end. First, it would be a waste of money. Our kids don't like taking photos. They can only do candid ones. They never stop to let someone take a pic. So unless the photographer specialises in sports photography, they can forget about taking our pics. Our kids are in constant motion.

Next, both my kids and Dh do not like to have any make-up on, or want to wear any costume or nice clothes for photography purposes. They don't even like their hair combed. Can you believe I have never combed their hair for the sake of going out since they were born? They don't ever comb their hair to go out or go to school. They like it au natural.

(They only let me comb their hair when we are playing pretend or when we are singing the "comb hair" song.)

Dh likes this effect (called "face focus"). He feels it highlights our actions, making the pic come alive.

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