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Water Fun Day
12 Sep

The school held a Water Fun Day when the kids get to play with all kinds of water-related activities.

I decided to let ds2 join in as well, even though he is in the half-day programme and does not normally stay in school after 12pm. The teachers were happy to have him join in, so I went to school to help out and to take pics.

So the Nursery and Pre-K kids did not have their nap time that day!

They had tons of fun. This pic below shows even the elementary school head joining in. She's very sporty and enthusiastic, just like the kids, and she let them and the teachers spray and dump water all over here. She's the one in blue tee, near center of pic. The one in black tee, at right of pic, is ds1's teacher. All of them are soaking wet cos the kids had so much fun spraying at their teachers and principal.

I laughed a lot too, it was so funny. At the same time, I wondered if the same thing would happen in hc. I remembered the 2004 carnival at hc, where our P/ CEO was dumped into the pool by the water polo guys(?) at one of the games stall. (Those of you who remember the details, pls correct me if I am wrong) He was a real good sport then. But it was one dunk. I wonder if we dare to keep throwing water bombs at him or spray at home. hehe. Or maybe it's just me, always afraid to cross the line. Or maybe it's the Asian mentality, I don't know.

ds2 had a smashing time (below). He didn't even know what to enjoy first. He loves sand, water, everything there, so he had a go at all the water and sand toys first. Spent at least 30min there. Then he ran for the spraying hose.

That's ds1. He tried most of the stations except for the water pools. Both ds didn't think the pools were anything special, funny. I thought it was fun to splash around in the inflatable pools since we haven't brought them swimming over here in Tianjin at all.

Maybe it's something we have done before, like splashing in the pool or bathtub, so it is not a big deal.

ds1 spent about 30min at the sand pit too, but unlike ds2, who played with all the water and sand toys, he only played with the shovel and spades. He kept digging till there was a huge pit. Can you see he is standing in lower ground?

Sigh, he kept playing some make-believe thing, talking to himself and doing funny actions/ movements, till I couldn't stand it anymore and asked him what he was doing. He replied that he is the leader of the "goblin-digging team".

If you're scratching your head, this is taken from the Magic The Gathering card game, the card game he is still obsessed with, since he started playing with it in Utah last year.

I read in the Straits Times recently that this game is still very hot in Spore and that grown men are still playing with a fervor. They include many professionals who will take part in international tournaments! That article got me very alarmed because I thought it was a passing fad with ds1. What if he continues playing these cards till he's 40??!?

Throughout the session, the kids could go to the popsicle station to grab a popsicle for themselves. When they grab one, they get a stamp on the hand, so that means they had one already and can't go for another, haha.

Both ds got theirs, of course. Against my better judgment, I let a soaking wet ds2 enjoy the whole popsicle. They usually share one ice cream cone or popsicle with me, when we dine out or have it at home. Yes, 3 of us share one. Now, on that day, each kid had one, and I didn't want to be the evil one, so I let them each have one.

However, after the popsicle, ds2's teeth started chattering. ds1 played with the water slides and sand and tubs, but he wasn;t soaking wet from head to toe cos he avoided most of the outright spraying. ds2 had been intentionally running into the jets of water because he enjoyed being sprayed at. So even his hat and hair were all wet.

I wanted to towel him dry after that but he still wanted to play. I went to get all his clothes from the locker, and came back to change him. By that time, his lips were blue with cold already. Sigh, true enough, he nursed a cold over the weekend.

Was just thinking, fortunately I am living alone here. If I were back in Singapore, I'd be blamed for causing him to fall ill. No need to mention by who. I'd be chided for not having common sense in taking care of the kids.

Over here, I have no pressure at all. I just kicked myself for letting him eat the popsicle in wet clothes, and make a mental note not to do that in future. Then we proceeded to enjoy the rest of the day and the weekend, even though ds2 was sick. We all had a terrific time.

If I was back with all the relatives and folks back home, I'd be reminded of my irresponsibility each time ds2 coughs or sneezes, the whole weekend, for sure. :-)

That's ds1 below, at the water slide station. They had plastic sheets on the slopes, and they squirted soap and sprayed water down the sheets. ds1 is waiting his turn, as his classmate is sliding down the slope. ds1 went back to queue again and again. He really enjoyed the sliding. Many of the kids tried coming down the slope in various positions after the first try. Good fun. Made me feel like joining in too. Why didn't they say "parents are welcome"?

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