Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ;
9:06 AM
Misc Updates:

1. We've so far been worshipping on Sunday mornings with our home congregation back in Singapore. We use skype (with image) to do that. I make my own unleavened bread and we buy grape juice.

We basically just do everything together with the congregation (sing, pray...), only we are here, hundreds of miles apart. But, after the service, we get to chat with our old friends too, and see their kids, as they go to the church's laptop to interact with us.

In the evenings, we use skype to have Bible study with other Christians in Shanghai and Tianjin and Hubei (i think). This one is using the conference call function, with no image, but allows us to talk to many at the same time. So thankful for skype and modern technology.

This pic below shows a typical Sunday morning with all of us huddled at the computer. Dh has since linked up the laptop with the huge speakers our landlady left us, so we have loud and clear sound quality. It allows Dh to sing very loudly too, which he enjoys.

Previously we had to sing softly, in order to still hear the song leader and follow him.

We also get the kids to dress up in pants and shirt, even though we are at home, so they observe a certain level of behaviour required of them. You know how we act as we dress right? If they're still in PJs then they'll tend to still act silly and be hyperactive.

This will change soon though. We've gathered enough people around here to physically meet for worship services in the morning. So the morning session will be replaced with meeting with the people here. Excited to finally be able to meet some of them whom we've only been hearing on skype so far.

2. Ds1 is really thin. He is not really very tall but he is longer than he is wide. So, his waist remains like that of a 1 year old. Seriously. How can I substantiate that?

See this Winnie the Pooh black cotton sleep pants?

The tag says 12 months. I.e. for a 12 month old baby.
Both ds can still fit into it. It is a little tight for ds2 cos his waist is bigger than his ELDER brother's. But yes, they wear it as shorts now.

Everytime ds1 wears it, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.
He is 5.5 yrs old and still in a 12mth sized pants.
But he looks so funny also. Because I remember him wearing that as a toddler, with the pants up to the toes, and now it is mid-thigh.

Went grocery shopping with H and her kids, and my kids.
This cake supplies shop was tiny and crowded, and had no space for the kids. So they played outside.

Thanks to H's kids (who attend local schools and now speak like local kids), both ds have a vocab consisting of chinese terms for Dyna Ultraman and the various fighter jets and what not used in the Japanese series. Ultraman is very much more popular in China than in Singapore. It is not even heard of in the USA. When the kids play with Ultraman figurines in Utah, people always ask them if those were Power Rangers.

Over here, everywhere you go, you see Ultraman. Dvds, books, comic books, toys, school bags, pens, pencil boxes, cups, watches, you name it. I don't like the kids to watch the DVDs so I don't buy any. But I do let them look at all the toys when we go to the supermarket. And I have caved in and bought 3 Chinese Ultraman books for them.

Because of the books, they are reading words like "轰隆” (explosion noise),“戴拿奥特曼” (Chinese for Dyna Ultraman),“登场” (appear),“飞鸟信” (Chinese name for the guy who transforms into Ultraman) and so on. Even the younger one. So maybe it has some use. Although I told them these 3 will be it, for a long time to come. Because I don't want their conversation to be peppered with just these words.

I do buy Chinese story books from and from lelong sales at the supermarket. But they learn to read the Chinese words much more quickly from the Ultraman book than any other.


This initial stage, we buy a lot of stuff for the home, and the boys help me to carry stuff. They enjoy being great helpers.

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