Wednesday, September 10, 2008 ;
1:35 PM
Got a proud moment on Monday. :-)

Went to the school for a workshop for the kindergarten parents at 2.10pm. (lasted till 3.10pm)

Almost all the moms were there I think, from the crowd in the kindy classroom, and also one dad. The kids were having PE at that time.

The teachers certainly prepared a lot for the presentation, and even invited a group of 2nd graders to demonstrate what they meant by "The Today Show". They wanted us parents to help our kids in presenting the Today Show in class. There is this today show segment in class every morning, and each group will take turns to present. There'll be a kid being the host, and 3-4 participants (depending on group size) in the show. The other groups not rostered for that day will be the audience.

The teachers also showed us the scoring rubric and so on. That reminded me of the SPA workshops I attended over the years, for scoring the kids on their scientific skills. So I can fully appreciate how much thought and effort went into the rubric. There was a separate set of criteria and scoring for each child- host, mystery bag guy, book review guy, toy intro guy and so on.

So the 2nd graders (who had gone through these same Kindy teachers and had done Today Show in Kindy before) came and took their places. When it came to the mystery bag guy, he held up a black bag and say he has got something in it and we have to guess what it is. He'll give us 3 clues. He said 1. It is big. 2. It lives in the ocean. and 3. It stings.

One mom raised her hand and said "jellyfish?". The boy said no. I was thinking of "sting ray" maybe when another mom said "shark" and he said "no". So i raised my hand and said my answer, and he took his stingray out of the bag.

ds1's teacher laughed and patted my back and said, "This must be T's mom, cos in class T is the one who knows all about animals."

I told Dh about it and we had a good laugh together.

In the school-home communication book, the teacher also wrote about ds1 sharing with the class all about the Giant Pacific Octopus.
He also painted it during art.

Ahhh, so now I get known through my son. The other moms refer to me as T's mom now.

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