Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ;
9:42 AM
This pic is of the hole in the wall of the bathroom.
This is what I mean when there are holes all over in the house, and I don't know for what reason. They're usually covered up with a piece of cardboard or wood and taped over. Some, like those in the pantry/ storeroom, would not be covered.

However, like what many of you have said, we are still happy now. The place has become like home. And there are some nice things about the apt, which we will try to think of more often. :-)

I've posted this pic here because I just found it. The recovered pics are all over the place, not in their usual running order anymore, after being recovered.

Below is a recovered video, of the kids playing with my basins. Watch how the younger one imitates the older one in almost anything he tries. Funny.

And this next video shows the "freeze when music stops" game, at the Back-To-School party that ds1's classmate, Matt, held.

At the Orientation in school on Friday (29th Aug), we met many other parents and their kids.

Matt's mom was giving out the party invites. Then she found that we lived in the same estate! She too lives in the same estate, but I later found out that her place is totally different from ours.

This estate has many different kinds of apartment types, studio, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and various floor plans. Then there are villas too, and villas of different sizes and types. Hers has to be the biggest. Hers is 2 villas combined into 1, Dh says. And it is equipped with close-circuit cameras all ard the perimeter, and the surrounding walls have glass pieces on top. Serious.

I don't know how many cars she owns, but I have seen her turn up in many types so far. The ones the kids and I have sat in include this BMW. I have no idea what model but I just found it very spacious and comfortable. However, the moment Dh sat in it, he said it's the most expensive of the beemers, the 7 series or whatever.

Anyway, if I were to continue on all the things Matt has that's atypical of most local kids, this post would be super long.

His mom is really friendly and nice, that's what's important and she is always asking me to bring my kids over and let them play with Matt.

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