Monday, September 8, 2008 ;
10:36 AM
Sorry, haven't been able to update.

Aug 29th was Orientation day for parents and new students at the school the kids are enrolled at.

Then Sept 1st was first day of school for both ds.

That whole first week was a tough adjustment for both me and kids.

Then on Friday, when I wanted to update the blog, I realised all my pictures were gone.

I used to download pics into my PC last time in Utah. And then i'll save them once in a while into a portable hard disk or into DVD-Rs. But ever since the PC was packed into our boxes for shipping, I had been storing the pics into this toshiba laptop. I brought that laptop back to spore and continued to use it for downloading all my pics into the laptop. I placed all my pic folders into "My documents-My pictures" folder.

The pics there ranged from the last part of our stay in Utah, the farewell pics, and then the flight back to spore, gatherings in spore, outings we brought the kids, the Holiday Bible school, various family reunions, then the Wedding vow renewal, and then our flight over here. How the apt complex here is like, before and after pics of the apt. The first few pic events of our life here and our outings with H's family. And then of the Orientation and then the first day of school, the kids' classmates, teachers and Matthew's birthday party.

So on friday, I realised Dh reformatted the whole laptop into XP. It had been running on Vista originally, and it ran too slowly. Everything took a long time- booting up, surfing, word processing, because the computer speed and memory is not high enough to support Vista well. So Dh decided enough is enough and reformatted it. The thing is, that laptop was originally his and the PC was mine, so he thought he didn't have any important files in it.

He reformatted it at work, so I was unaware too.

Thus it resulted in the tragedy of us losing all those pics.


Will update again after I mourn and grieve and recover from my loss. and after I have more pics again.

Dh is doing data recovery now, in the hope of redeeming himself from his anguished wife and kids (ds1 actually cried very badly when he learnt his pics with friends in Utah and in Singapore were gone. He misses his friends in Utah and Spore a lot.)

So far, all that is redeemed are those useless images where you visit websites and click on like an image of a shoe? Yeah, those pics are all salvaged. Not the really big files.

This week, the school is holding a workshop for parents on Mon; a field trip on Wed and Water Fun Day on Friday. So I'll be going to school 3 days. The other 2 days will be used for frantically catching up on housework and laundry, so I'll probably update during the weekend!

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