Thursday, August 7, 2008 ;
4:51 PM
Must blog about this.

The sink repairman just came. The sink had a hole in it. It wasn't leaking but it was big, unsightly and had rough edges that are sharp. So we requested to install a new one. Landlady agreed and she bought a new one. Looks very good. Installation is included, so the shop sent a guy to install it.

Problem is: the old sink was larger and so when the new sink is installed, there was a gap between the new sink and the wooden cabinet below the sink. It was a curved gap. The pipes were joined ok, and water flowed ok, only it was so weird with the gap and the sink tended to slant downwards as there wasn't any support at the far end where the cabinet top should be.

The guy told us to hang on. Then he went out of our apartment and I saw him searching amongst the bushes and trees outside. He came back after a while, with some wood/ branches. He said he got some "natural materials". He sawed the wood into square pieces, then slot them under the sink to wedge the gap.

Voila, his work is done.

Hmmm.. This is new to me. How very creative.

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