Saturday, August 23, 2008 ;
1:59 AM
1. Taken on Monday, after visiting the doc regarding ds2's rash.
That's the TJ TV tower, supposedly 6th tallest TV tower in the world?
That's dh pushing ds2 in the stroller in the foreground. Since the pavements are not stroller-friendly, Dh took to pushing the stroller on the road, beside all the cyclists.

Quite dangerous. But no choice. Looks like the stroller is useful for me only for walks around our apt complex, and within the airport. It is always super useful for me in airports because no trolleys are allowed within the security area, and we always have so many heavy carry-on bags, instruments and jackets.

Most malls here are super crowded too. In Spore, malls are crowded but at least there are lifts to get to different levels. I haven't found any at RT-mart and other malls yet.

No wonder a lot of people will stop to stare at our stroller. We've become a rarity.
You can still take the MRT or bus in spore with a stroller, but definitely not here. So basically most people with babies either don't travel much or walk long distances with babies, or they'll sling them. I saw Baby Bjorn carriers a few times already.

2. The kids and their S$3 haircuts. Cheap, fast and convenient. Wow, looks like I need not cut Dh's and their hair ever again!

Used to spend a lot of time cutting their hair, then later showering for them, and then sweeping up all the hair on the ground. Also had to brush and clean the Phillips hair shaver later too.

They even washed both kids' hair first as well! see pic below with their wet spiky hair.

Had let them watch H's sons in the morning already. Then I let ds1 go first, because ds1 was not likely to cry, while ds2 might, so it would be good to let ds2 see it was a good experience.
Then when ds1 was done and he was still getting off his chair, being brushed down by the nice and friendly hairstylist, ds2 sensed it was his doomstime. He kept pulling my hand and saying "Let's go to the playground now" and "I want to go home".

Fortunately the nice hairstylist carried him, and talked to him. Although it was all in Chinese, and ds2 probably didn't understand the rapid-fire Chinese, he still felt this guy is probably someone nice. He allowed himself to be placed on the chair, had the plastic draped around him and had his hair cut.

Phew! Big relief. He did use a small squeaky voice to plead saying "mummy i want to go home fast", and whined about the playground for a while. Because I did promise to bring them to the playground once their hair was cut. But he didn't bawl or wail or struggle, so that was a great relief for me.

When it was time to use the electric razor on the side burns, he kept cringing away, so the guy seeked my help in holding his head still. That was about all. He did not protest or struggle, so the haircut was over in a few minutes. Ahhh, I was so happy.

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