Sunday, April 6, 2008 ;
8:13 AM
2 - 9 Mar 2008
Mexico Trip

I don't have enough time to post here on the trip yet, because both the moms are coming, and we need to clean the whole house and evacuate one room for them.

But I did 2 write-ups on the trip so far, and here are the links.

1. This first one is general information on how we did our trip, and where we stayed, what we saw.

2. This second one is all about the amazing monarch butterflies.

I will post 3 pics first, just to show a tiny part of what we saw. When the moms come and offload the kids from me, I might get the time to post all the rest of the pics.

This one shows a branch of the oyamel fir tree, totally laden with butterflies. They all hang onto it and make it so heavy that the bough bends. It also makes the tree look as if it has orange leaves. :-)

This was the much-awaited landing of the Monarch on ds1's shoulder. Only he didn't know it!

This is from one of the pics we took, just by pointing the camera upwards, cos the sky was just filled with millions of them flying. I edited the pic to make a photo book of the trip, so that's the pic I chose for the cover of our photo book.

Will be back soon, trying to pack more boxes now.

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