Tuesday, April 22, 2008 ;
5:41 AM
Dearest friends,

The past 2 weeks have passed like a whirlwind. Everyday I will be packing things and cleaning up, pausing only to eat, go toilet and sleep. Thankfully I have the 2 moms here. One of them cooks, the other takes care of the kids. When they are free, they help out with the cleaning a little.

Dh has been working from 4am to 8pm every single day, so he can't help. I will have to do all the packing, since only I know where the things are and how to organise them. We have 18 rolls of masking tape and countless cardboard boxes. I must have gone through at least 50 boxes now.

We're leaving early next week, and I'll have to pack up my PC soon. We're also going to be cutting off the internet access. Once I return to Spore, I'll be staying with my in laws first (that's where my beloved king-sized bed is, I miss it so much). My in laws do not have internet access, nor computers, so I'll only have the chance to check email once in a while at my parents' or sister's or friend's house.

I don't think I would have the time to post on this blog for awhile... I will miss blogging, but I guess I will be so busy meeting up with people and going out to see what has changed in the 1.5yrs that I won't be at home much too?

Will probably post again when I am settled in China, and have a good personal internet connection again.

If you don't subscribe to the feeds of this blog, and you are a regular and would like to be informed when I begin posting again, drop me an email or tag me here, I'll be sure to email you.

I'll miss your tags too! hehe. It has been so fun.

See you in a couple of months!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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