Wednesday, March 19, 2008 ;
11:42 AM
Mar 6

VIDEOS first:

Visit to the Sierra Chincua Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

1. Millions of monarchs flying about in the oyamel fir forest

Sorry video a little shaky, ds2 was clinging onto me. He was still sick, had a cough, and you can hear him clearly, coughing away.

2. ds1 sitting right in the midst of the many flying butterflies, hoping they will land on him. :-)

Not sure if you can hear it, but he kept saying "land on me? land on me?" many times. I took a short clip only, because I wanted to just enjoy the butterflies swooshing around me, but yeah, he was really pleading with them to land on him, at least a thousand times.

They didn't, not at this part, but later one did rest on his shoulder and Dh took a quick pic, but ds1 didn't get to enjoy it, cos before Dh could tell him, it flew away. He was quite sad. :-)

Mar 7


Trip to Xochimilco - "garden of flowers"/"floating gardens"

3. ds1 standing at the front of the punt and pretending to be a boater rowing the trajineras with a wooden pole.

A thread on the parenting forum I am on were recently debating whether the daddies or mummies are more relaxed in letting kids take risks. I didn't take part in the discussion because for Dh and me, there are different situations where we are more relaxed.

Here, it is very interesting. We were all sitting down in the boat actually, then ds1 wanted to peer at the water and to get int front. I let him, he was sitting beside me. Then gradually he got more bold, lying on the boat and standing up, moving ard and then wanting to row the boat like the boater who was at the other end of the trajinera.

In this instance, I was the one who encouraged him, and I quickly took the cam to take a short clip, but you can hear Dh's voice in the clip, at first telling him to be careful, and then to "not stand too near the edge". You can also see that ds1 is very "obedient" towards his dad. Each time Dh said something, he will tone down a bit more. After the 2nd caution, he stopped rowing and sat down.

I felt it was ok. But I can understand why dh won't want him to fall in. The water is really green and slimy. Dh commented that it has "eutrophicated" till it can't saturate any further with nitrates (aka faecal matter). haha.

Other times, I would be the cautious one, especially when the kids are scaling rocks when we are hiking. That one, Dh would let them take risks.

Well it's good the kids have both of us, creates a balance, I guess.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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