Monday, March 24, 2008 ;
7:02 AM
Mar 21

It's Spring break so the Hoovers' kids and ours got together to play the whole morning. After tiring themselves out, we went to their house.

Tim and Nathan did a puppet show for the younger ones. It's about God's creation. This part is when Adam and Eve were surveying all the animals and plants God made. Pretty funny and cute. You can hear ds2 laughing away at Adam and Eve's actions. Tim was doing the puppets, Nathan was reading from Genesis.

The Hoovers gave him his bday presents of a Hot Wheels car and a Blue (of Blues Clues) stuffed toy. Very adorable!

Mar 23



Brought the cake I baked to Sunday School class and they sang the bday song for ds2. He joined in the singing at the end, and he was looking around to watch everyone singing too, I think.


After worship, we headed to the park near the church building, where Chip (ds2's Sun sch tr) had organised an Egg Hunt for the kids.

It's the Easter weekend now. Although none of the church members really celebrate Easter, they do follow a number of American traditions like egg decorating and the hunting for candy and eggs for the kids.

The kids did have a lot of fun. I just told ds that we're going to play "treasure hunt" and you can keep whatever you put in your basket.

There was a rather strong breeze then, so the video has this wind blowing sound throughout. At the beginning, ds2 was saying "find egg" or something, I couldn't catch the whole sentence too. He seems to have acquired a little of an American accent, having been here during his formative speech devt stage. He'll often ask me, "mama, what you doin'?".

Towards the end, ds1 came to tell me that everyone was helping each other find "treasures" and exchanging stuff (in case it is not clear in the clip).

[some problem in uploading the video, file is larger than ther others... will try again soon]


We had lunch outside today, and after we reached home we let ds2 open the presents he received today, from his teachers Chip and Yen.

His response was quite funny.

He had an enjoyable bday. We also had a mini-celebration at the Crills' on Sat night, with the Wasatch Young Professionals. Jennifer gave him a lovely Melissa and Doug wooden block set that can be laced up and stacked and so on. He loves it. Didn't take video clips of him playing with that, but pics of that night will come up soon. Am having trouble keeping up with the loadds of photos that I take everyday. Soon, I will sort through them.

In the 1st clip, he was opening Yen's present of a dino book and McQueen markers. I was repeating everything he said to make it clearer. He does slur his words together sometimes.

In the 2nd clip, he was opening Chip's gift of a bulldozer. You can hear Dh's voice, haha. He didn't know I was filming. Ds2 likes to boogie to any kind of music. If he were standing up when the music played from the bulldozer, he'd look funnier.

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