Wednesday, March 26, 2008 ;
7:04 AM
Mothering can be such a dirty job.

I thought I am past most of it: the meconium-clearing when they were newborns, then the half-hourly poo-wiping when they were infants... ds2 especially. He nursed every 30min then, and each time after he was done, he'd do a poop.

I've had both of them suddenly decide to pee when I change their soiled diaper too. So I've had to clean myself, themselves, and all the surrounding stuff up as well, because everyone knows how far boys can aim. I remembered both of them did it like sprinklers. 360 degrees.

Then of course, all the drooling when they were teething, all the mouthing of everything they see, including my hair... And then all the throwing up and regurgitations. ds2 was such a refluxer, when he burped as a baby, half of what he just drank would come up. I used to have 2 cloth nappies on my shoulders permanently the whole day last time, which is why I didn't go out much. lol. And did I mention that he nursed every 30 min?

It hasn't occurred for a long time though, the dirty business. ds1 had been toilet trained a long time ago, and though I still help him clean up after big business in the toilet, he can do it himself too, if I am busy. ds2 is diaper-free in the day, so I usually just wear a clean diaper for him at night, and remove the heavy diaper in the morning.

Today though, grrrrrrrrowl.
After the usual morning romp outside, riding bikes, running around, peering at insects under tree bark, and chalking more of the concrete in the backyard, ds2 rushed in the back door, saying he needed to pee.
I have a plastic cup used exclusively for those "cannot-make-it-in-time-to-the-toilet" pees, so I whipped it out, kneeled down beside him and pulled his pants down, cup ready in position.

Too late. Somehow the release of the pants flung it up, and something wet sprayed all over my face.

Can I please have a daughter next time???

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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