Wednesday, March 5, 2008 ;
4:30 AM
Mar 4

Our 3rd day in Mexico City, D.F.

This day was even "better" for me. Ds2 was still not well, and obviously needed more rest, since he woke up in the morning still groggy, though his fever has subsided. He is left with a phlegmy cough. Sometimes, when he coughs continuously, he'll end up vomitting some of his stomach contents. Ugh, so I have been busy cleaning and washing his clothes and towels.

Since I had to stay in the hotel again, this time I let ds1 stay too. A number of reasons. 1. Dh would be viewing the anthropology museum and other architectural wonders today. Since there wasn't much of hiking/ climbing which ds1 likes, he might not be very appreciative and might cause more of a disturbance to Dh more than company. 2. I was tired of eating the same few things on the room service menu, and wanted to head out to the surrounding area to see what else I could buy for lunch. With only ds2 with me, it was impossible to go out. With ds1 around, he not only could keep ds2 occupied and happy, he can take care of him, make sure they both are safe, while I go out for a short while.

So Dh went out alone.

Our day: We had watermelon and waffles and pancakes for breakfast. When ds2 napped, ds1 and I read books, played guessing games on the Magna Doodle (like pictionary where we take turns to draw), and watched quiet TV. When ds2 is awake, he'll be cranky and want me to carry him, so ds1 will play by himself (either magic cards or doodling). When I went out to buy lunch, ds2 was taking his 2nd nap and ds1 was taught to latch the door, and not open the door to anyone but me. He was taught to check the eye peephole too. I also left him instructions on how to pacify ds2 should he wake up.

I walked around outside, and can only find a burrito/ taco stall. Smelt really good, but I know both ds might not eat much as it would be rather spicy. There was a 7-Eleven and McDonalds too, so I walked into Macs. They serve lunch only from 12pm here! Every country's Mac is different! Spore's is still 11am right? Utah starts lunch at 10.30am. I think it reflects the nation's habits. Like in Mexico, lunch is usually later, and can end mid-afternoon. It is their biggest meal of the day too. Dinner for them is small, and maybe only at 10pm.

So I waited a while, then got to order my fish fillet. However, after that, we ran into language problems. The "filet marino" was easy for me to order. But when it came to the Happy Meal, there were many choices right? The McNugget went across fine, but I wanted milk as the drink, and they couldn't understand me. So besides saying milk, I was contemplating using the action of milking a cow. (Dh later said I could just milk myself to show them. argh.) But they kept shaking their heads and saying "Fanta or Coca". So I gave up and said Coca. Ok, drink done. Now I wanted apple slices instead of fries. I saw the apple picture there, and said "apple" while pointing to the apple. They kept shaking their heads also. Maybe they didn't have that option. So ok, fries then.

Then I wanted to take-away. I said take-away, and did a carrying away action, but she still gave me all the fries and burger on the tray. So I said "bag, bag?" and pointed at their paper bags, then I got one. Phew. Then I wanted straws, and couldn't see them anywhere, but then didn't feel like asking for it anymore, so I just paid and left.

When I reached the hotel room and knocked, I heard ds1 pushing the chair up to the door, and saw a shadow across the peephole. Then I heard him shout (presumably to ds2) "Mummy is back!". Then he unlatched the door and let me in. He said ds2 woke and cried for me but he managed to appease him by patting him and saying I went out to buy fries for him!

I praised him for doing a good job, then I saw chocolate milk all over ds2's clothes (neck area) and the bed where he was lying on. What happened?!? I asked... He said ds2 wanted to drink milk, so he got the packet milk and squeezed it through the straw into ds2's mouth. Thus making such a big mess. Argh.

Ok, I held back from being too uptight abt the mess, and just washed everyhthing up with his help. Then we had a nice cozy lunch, sitting on the bed, watching TV, the 3 of us cuddled together. :-)

Dh came back at about 3pm and showed us pictures of what he saw. The Anthropology Museum is so huge he didn't finish exploring it too. It contains many historical and culturally important artefacts, and is considered a world-class museum, attracting visitors all over America. However, everything is in Spanish, so renting the headphones or having a guide would be more useful and educational.

Tomorrow we'll be heading out to the butterfly sanctuaries and will stay overnight in a small mountain town. The hotel room there has no heating, and temperatures can be freezing at night. I did ask the tour guide (we're with S&S Tours) to ask for a portable heater for us, but we are also prepared with camping heat packs. That'll be really exciting for me, the main reason why I came here, and the absolute highlight for me. Let's hope ds2 gets allof his energy back tomorrow!

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