Tuesday, March 4, 2008 ;
6:00 AM
Mar 2

Woke up at 6am to get ready. Left house at 7am with both kids still sleepy. Parked at economy lots at the airport, took a shuttle from there to the Delta terminal, then checked in for our flight. We had only 1 check-in bag.

When we reached the security area, once again, we were "selected" for more thorough security checks. Dh again muttered "racial discrimination" under his breath, in Mandarin. Sigh, I think they should let us have a pass with numbers or something, and if you have been through the same airport more than 10 times, and each time you get a more thorough "criminal" check, and pass through it without problems, they should record it electronically on the card or something, so we don't have to go through it another 50 times. Because it is just ridiculous to detain us every single trip. Why should us always be punished??

Even the kids had to stretch out their hands and get touched everywhere from top to toe. Of course, mine was done by a female officer. I do understand it is due to the Sept 11 incident and terrorism. I am super against terrorists. But I do not like it when you harass us law-abiding people, time and again, just because we don't have blonde hair and blue eyes? It doesn't help that SLC does not have many Chinese, so we become a very small minority. Which is why I am suggesting the pass card system. After you check us so thoroughly 10 times, you should trust us right??!?

Ok, we didn't trust them to let us off, which is why we had to punish ourselves and go to the airport so much earlier. So we passed that and went on to board our plane.

The journey was very pleasant. Delta staff were very nice. Both ds did sleep for a while. Ds2 even got very friendly with the Mexican guy we were sitting with. The guy sat beside the window (there were 3 seats) and ds2 was between me and the guy. Ds1 and Dh were in front. The guy carried ds2 on his lap and ds2 will point out of the window and talk to him. He'll just nod his head and smile at ds2. This continued for a long time! haha. Thanks to him, I enjoyed the movie the airline was playing.

I read a lot about Mexico and Mexico City before the trip. I learnt that is was a big city with 22 million people. With so many people of big social and status divide in a city, there was an inevitably high crime rate too. Many people cautioned us about the trip, and some sites even said it was the "kidnapping capital of the world". However, our first impression is really good!

No wonder Spore places so much emphasis on Changi Airport. Because that is really the 1st impression tourists form. We arrived at Mexico City's intl airport to find it very clean and spacious. Friendly people greeted us, and large LCD screens everywhere projected instructions and directions in many languages. We spotted Korean, Chinese, Japanese, amongst many others as we made our way to Customs and Baggage Claim.

As we queued up behind the long snaking line, a officer saw us and led us right to the front! So we skipped the long queue and were attended to at once. We were able to get our luggage easily and then hailed a taxicab very quickly as well, even though the queue was long.

We reached the Holiday Inn in Zocalo (traffic is very congested, and they drive dangerously too, just like in some big Asian cities), and checked in. The room is fantastic, for the same rate in USA, I get a much worse room in a motel. We also liked the laminated wooden panelled floor better than carpeted ones, because it looked so much cleaner and very homely. Carpets always tended to have a musty smell and hotel ones usually have some stains and spots. Ugh. Wooden ones can be cleaned very well, and if there's no stain, means no colonies of bacteria/ fungi sitting there!

The unfortunate thing was: ds2 developed a fever at night. Perhaps due to the change in temperature and climate. Mexico City is situated at 7349ft above sea level, higher than SLC but nearer to the Equator, so it is warmer in the daytime (about 20-26 deg C) and cold at night (around 1-2 deg C). The air pollution is quite bad too, so maybe that aggravated his original cough.

So, the sacrificial mom stayed with ds2 in the hotel room the whole day on Mon, while ds1 and Dh went out to see the Pyramids of Teotihuacan. Sob sob. Ok, I was able to catch up on posting on the blog and check emails.... And read up more about the fascinating Mexican history and culture. But... I want to be in the thick of action! Especially since I can see so much of it from the hotel room window. We're facing the street, and can see Aztec drummers, Medicine Men (with big headpieces and lots of feathers), people doing native dances, and other buskers. I can see the magnificent cathedral near the great temple Templo Mayor too, so majestic. I can imagine the empire of ancient times, so grand and wealthy, before the Spaniards came to destroy them.

I'm praying so hard he will get well quickly! I want to go out tomorrow!

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