Sunday, March 2, 2008 ;
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Feb 28

ds1's last day of school

On Wed evening, I fell ill with a fever. Haha, at first, I even thought I had such a splitting headache due to the dental costs being so high, yet I want to get both ds' teeth fixed. I don't want them to experience serious tooth decay, feel the pain, and then have traumatic experience at the dentist. They still don't complain of toothaches yet, which means it hasn't got very serious. So it has to be fixed now, otherwise it may result in malocclusion or other teeth problems in future, when the permanent ones grow in.

Dh himself had braces before (I didn't need them) and he said it was not a pleasant experience, thus, if possible, we hope both ds do not need to go through that. In order for that to happen, there must be very good teeth care on our part, besides genetics, of course. We just have to make the best use of whatever genetics dealt to us. :-)

Ok, so I was ill on Thursday still, and Dh brought ds1 to school and back. The teacher bought a beautiful book "The tale of the Firebird" by Spirin (acclaimed for his art) for ds1 and got the rest of his class to sign it too. She also sent him back with his mat, 2 "magic beans" (patterned beans) for both ds to grow, and all his other art/ work done in school. We gave the teacher a photo book with photos that chronicled ds1's interesting school life over the past months, titled "The best preschool class and teacher, ever!".

If I picked ds1 up, I would give the teacher a big hug and get ds1 to hug all his classmates and teacher too. But, dh was the one who picked him up, and even though I gave Dh the instruction to ask ds1 to give his teacher a farewell hug, Dh forgot, because he had been running late and just as he was leaving work, his boss talked to him, so he ended up picking ds1 30min late! The teacher was having lunch then, and he was with her.

Oh, they also had show and tell and they're doing "My body" this month. For this particular week, it is about the skeletal system, so I let ds1 bring the chicken wing bones from the chicken we ate the previous day. I boiled the bones in water and cleaned them thoroughly first. Then we assembled the bones together on a piece of paper.

What an exciting last day of school.

I got better in the evening. Dh took time off school and work to take care of the boys, but they were not very good at letting me rest. Even though Dh was at home, they still came into the bedroom to ask me all kinds of things, so I didn't have a really peaceful rest. That's the downside of being a SAHM.

The kids are so used to asking me for help and for other things, so used to playing with me in the day, that even though Dh was there, they still come to me for everything. It wouldn't help when Dh closed the bedroom door and carried them out, cos ds2 started crying and then I couldn't rest either, because I can hear the continuous crying anyway. He couldn't bring them both out as well, cos both of them were having a runny nose. (We must have caught a bug from somewhere again. There are many members at church who are also sick.)

Having Dh at home did have other advantages though. He helped out in many other chores and also prepared dinner. I had cooked a big pot of pork rib soup the previous weekend, so we had batches to eat from. He just needed to heat that up and cook some rice.

Fortunately I got better with just a little rest. Thank God for making moms strong, physically, mentally and emotionally.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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