Wednesday, February 20, 2008 ;
5:21 AM
Updates on my niece:

Newborns change a lot, and they grow so quickly. Emails from my sis with her pics seem to change all the time. I rem I posted some at her birth. Here she is 2 months down the road.

She's so much bigger, more active and smiles a lot. She's also changed quite a bit. I thought she looked very much like my sis when she was just born. Now she doesn't look like either my sis or bil. She's a blend, I guess, and good thing it looks as if she inherited the best features from both. haha.

My sis, like me, doesn't have double eyelids or long eyelashes, and we don't have thick lips. My niece seems to have huge eyes, deep lids, long lashes and thick lips.

The 1st pic was taken with my sis' bouquet she got for Valentine's Day. The fortunate couple got to leave Eva with my mom and go to Fullerton for a romantic dinner. They took a pic with the lighted Spore skyline and the huge Spore Flyer in the background and sent it to me. Grrrrr.... Dh and my Valentine's Day was of course, spent with the kids. Not that it wasn't enjoyable, it was, but it isn't romantic. :-)

This one above brings back lots of memories for me, cos that was my cradle cot and bedsheet for the boys too. My mom bought the cot and made the sheet herself, for me, so now it's being passed down. :-)

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