Saturday, February 2, 2008 ;
5:18 AM
Jan 31

10.15am to 11.30am

Reached ds1's school with a recovering ds2. Gathered the balloons, stickers, accessories and cake, then joined the class.

They happened to be having free play then. ds2 at once joined them at the sand pit. He just loves it.

The rest of the class had show and tell also. This was Naia's doll. (below)

And storytime. The teacher read a book from a far away place (related to this month's theme) and then read a book that River brought. [below] Btw, ds1 missed this month's field trip because they were sick then. It was to the library. There was a special library tour for them.

After that, I was called upon to show the class ds1's photos since the time he was born, till now. To see the changes in him, and just for fun. Cos sometimes the kids can't even recognise themselves when they were a baby.

I chatted with the kids a little. They were all keen to tell me about their family and their pets too. :-)

After that, we lighted the 5 candles and the class sang the happy birthday song to him. I only managed to take one pic that can be shown. The rest were unfocused. Sigh. ds2 was cranky by then and wanted me to carry. So the pics were all shaky and blurred. Below: ds1 blowing out the candles with his teacher.

While I was cutting and dividing the cake, ds2 started crying already. He was still not feeling well, I guess. So I quickly gave out the stickers (while carrying ds2) and then did not have much chance after that, to join in the chatter or to take pics.

ds1 did have a lot of fun though. He loved his cake a lot. He skyped my parents and told them about it. He told his daddy about it. Basically kept talking about the chess cake. The balloons and the stickers and the story about his 5 years to now didn't matter that much. haha.

Along the way home, in the car, while ds2 napped, he was still talking about it.

View along State Street, going home (above).

Hopefully the mould arrives in time for me to make another cake for the church celebration.

At home: playing with his balloons and holding his "present" from me and dh. A new photo book. Full of his fav things. He loved his previous one so much, that it was tattered and torn. So I compiled another one for him, with different pictures and words.

btw, he chose the outfit himself. The night before, he even insisted that he wore that particular tie to school. And he wanted to wear it to sleep! Was afraid of the risk of strangulation but dh said it was ok, so we did let him wear the tie to sleep. So funny!

5 years old, sounds very big to him. To me as well. The 5 years passed by so quickly!

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