Saturday, February 2, 2008 ;
4:17 AM
Jan 30

ds2 was sick. High fever, cough, runny nose. Waited till he finally napped, then told ds1 to quickly help make his cake for his bday celebration in school the next day.

He's current obsession is with chess, so he wanted a chessboard cake. I surfed the internet, there were so many sites selling these, but a choc chessboard set with chess pieces cost US$195. Some sold just the choc chess pieces. Some sold cookie cutters in the shapes of the chess pieces, but there were the flat 2D kind. ds1 wanted the standing upright chess pieces.

In the end, decided not to spend all the money, so bought a choc mould for chess pieces instead. Also , the site said to buy 2 moulds to make a full set, but the cheapskate me decided just to buy one. Can make twice lor. Alas, by Wed, the mould still hasn't arrived, because the cheapskate mummy did not opt for urgent delivery, which would cost more. Decided just to make do with whatever there is at home.

1. Baked a rich and sinful "triple" chocolate cake, as per ds1's request. (triple: choc sponge, choc chip and choc pudding). [below left]

2. While cake was baking in the oven, rushed around making the cake board. [below right]
Normally the cakes we consume at home are just left in the baking tray. But this was a bday celebration, so we needed a nice platter on which the cake can stand while the kids gathered around to watch ds1 blow the candles.

No time to go out to buy, and also can't go out since ds2 is sick. Looked around, found those cardboard that uses to send their books with. Cut it up to fit an Aluminium tray that I recycled from previous use.

3. Wrapped aluminium foil around the cardboard and secured it with masking tape. Aiyah, beneath the cake board, who cares? No one will look underneath. Then, flip it upright. [above right and below left]

4. After cake is baked and cooled, invert it onto an aluminium sheet (didn't do it on the board in case of icing mistakes). Make sure it is truly cooled before icing. Inverted it cos the bottom is truly flat. Did not have choc topping or frosting, so having a flat surface will suffice. [below right]

5. Arrgh, cabinets were thoroughly searched through, but only a little white icing was found. No choice, outlined the square with green icing (last drops left only!) then smeared white icing squares within. Supposed to use stencil, then the squares would look nicer. But! No time to make stencil! ds2 would wake anytime now, and I still had to cook dinner in time for Bible class at night. [below left]

6. While icing was setting, I asked ds1 to gather some of his favorite chess pieces, some white and some black. I washed them thoroughly with soap and water, dried them, then wrapped the bottom of each piece with Clear Wrap. Taped them secure with a tiny piece of Scotch Tape. [bottom right]

7. Set the finished cake on the cake board. [below left]

8. Set the chess pieces on the cake. [below right] If icing is still gooey, the chess pieces stick on very well and will stay stuck when refrigerated.

9. For storage, place cake with cake board into Aluminium tray and cover, place in fridge.

Ds2 did wake up and so the last part, I was carrying him while finishing up. I also carried him while cooking dinner, which made it terribly difficult. sigh.

Turned out that I needn't rush that much, cos the snow piled up in the parking lot of the church building again, due to the unrelenting snow fall. And Bible class had to be cancelled yet again.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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