Wednesday, February 13, 2008 ;
6:49 AM

About keropok frying.

I can't remember if I was that fascinated or tickled by keropok-frying. Once the kids found out I was frying keropok, they both wanted to help. I was initially reluctant, because deep frying involved oil splatters, and it is potentially dangerous, but with both of them clamoring at my feet, it was also dangerous.

So I got 2 chairs, one for each, and they were allowed to take turns dropping in the keropok piece into the oil gently.

Both of them laughed so much as the keropok unfolded and expanded. There were about 20-30 pieces to fry, so by the time it was towards the end, they had calmed down somewhat, and I was able to sneak in some "science" in the cooking of keropok. :-)

Asked them: Why would the keropok change shape?

Why does it curl at the sides first, then flip over? etc

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