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Fire House Field Trip

They learnt about fire rescue people, mail carriers and other professions in the past weeks. Now is the time to see them in action!

ds1 had been to a JBC excursion long ago, when I was 9 months pregnant with ds2. That was to the fire station in Spore and he got to ascend up the long ladder with my mom. Of course, when I asked him if he remembered that, he replied in the negative. That's why taking pictures of them when they are young is so important. I can bring it out and show him, there you go, that's you! :-)

ds2 tagged along, and we arrived at school to pick him up and proceed to the fire house which was nearby. When all the parents, teacher and kids in tow met up again, we entered the Fire House and were met by a friendly officer Brian. That's the first introduction talk he (and a paramedic) gave below, with the attentive kids.

A shot (below) of the moms and one dad who went too. I like to see some dads once in a while. In Spore I'd never have met any dad on a field trip. In fact, probably very few moms too. Ok, maybe I won't even be allowed on the trip with ds2 in tow. humph.

Below left: the paramedic putting on full fire protection gear, with mask, air tank and fire retardant suit. he also demonstrated the beeping alarm or detection signal that would go off should something go awry, either with the equipment or himself. (recall prev post on fire safety at the Discovery Center, the fire chief said the same thing)

Below right: Demonstrating the flashing lights and siren, then letting the kids sit up there in the driver's seat, experiencing how it is like to be a firefighter. I thought that was super fun, but ds1 was not interested in sitting up there. He was very interested and attentive whenever Brian was talking and demonstrating something, but he refused to join in any of the "experience it" segments that day. Don't know why. But of course, I just let him be.

Above left: maybe this is why younger siblings are not allowed sometimes. ds2 was happier running up and down the grill-covered drain in the garage. He then tripped over a slightly raised grill cover (uneven ground) and then proceeded to cry (just for a few secs). But that was distracting enough. Fortunately I was able to quickly stop his crying. And the kids happen to be trying out the fire engine then.

Above right: Another longer and larger engine, well stocked with all kinds of equipment and supplies. Brain showed them to the kids. And then they wanted to sit on this engine too, so they all took turns again. Except ds1 of course.

Above right: we were then given a tour of the fire station itself. Shown their meeting room, lounge, kitchen and then this, their sleeping quarters. Actually I wanted to take a pic of their beds, but thought maybe that was too much of an invasion of privacy, so I didn't. Anyway they were all very neat. Each bed and closet and area around them was enclosed and separated by the dividers, as you may see some in this pic. In each area, they sometimes personalise their space. I saw different kinds of chairs/ couches and swivel chairs. Various personal belongings. And I saw a whole stack of magazines on the bedside table in one cubicle. The top magazine was Men's Health with a super hunky half-naked guy with rippling muscles on the cover. :-)

After that, the station's fire truck returned, and Brian took us to the garage to see the truck. On the way down, he showed us how firefighters slide down the pole to save time (in an emergency). He also carried some kids as they wanted to try it out. That was real fun. I would have tried if I was not at this age and having the status of a mom. :-) See video clip below.

He explained the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine. A fire truck carries water, and can put out fires using the water, without the need for external sources of water.

A fire engine does not carry water, but has all the other equipment, like the long ladder. It needs to be hooked up to the fire hydrant to put out fires though. A fire truck does not carry the ladder and is much shorter in length.

After that, he brought us to the reception area and let us listen to the emergency warning and alarm that would be broadcast when a call came in and they had to be dispatched/ despatched (forgot which form is British and which am I supposed to used?). Refer to video clip below.

Then he was so nice to give out firemen hats to each kid, badges (stickers) and coloring books (haven't received ours yet, perhaps not enough to go around). ds1 loved the hat. ds2 had one too.

Above left: ds1 pretending to put out fires the same day, at home in the afternoon.

Above right: the badge that reads " Junior firefighter, SLC Fire Dept".

Sorry, haven't figured out how to turn my videos upright. Anyway, this video clip shows the sample emergency call to ready all the firefighters. First the lights came on, then there was this alarm and then the announcer later said "Welcoming the kids from Realms of Inquiry", quite funny, everyone laughed.

This next one shows Brian demonstrating the lights and sirens of the fire engine. Notice how the kids had their hands over their ears? The siren was on first, then the lights. Once the lights came on, ds1 at once rushed to view them from the front. haha.

Finally, this one shows Brian and Aiden (ds1's classmate) sliding down the pole.

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