Wednesday, February 27, 2008 ;
10:00 AM
Feb 18

President's Day

We had tons of dirty laundry but can't wash it in our washing machine, so I called my neighbor and asked if I could go over and use hers. Dh was at home pulling out the toilet bowl and going underground to look at the sewage pipes.

She graciously agreed and I brought both kids over to her house with a full load and the kids played with hers while I washed my clothes. Being President's Day, everyone was at home, including Evan (their dad). The older 3 Hoover kids were playing a video game on Shrek, so ds1 joined them. ds2 watched Thomas the Tank Engine with the youngest Hoover.

While waiting for the clothes to be washed, we chatted and Karen invited us over, because they were planning to have a BBQ. Evan already had the grill outside and was starting the fire up. Karen was making mashed potatoes. So kind of them, of course I agreed, after checking with Dh if he would stay for lunch. He had planned to still go to school to catch up on more work.

I passed them some CNY stuff too, for the kids to play and have fun with. Then we enjoyed the really great tasting steak. Wood-fired, always tastes better. The sides Karen whipped up were mash potatoes, mac and cheese, and a dessert with marshmallow as topping. We brought some drinks over.

We had the meal indoors, of course, since it was still winter. Only the grilling of the meat was done outdoors by Evan.

Right after lunch, Dh left for home first cos he arranged to meet Ron to check out the plumbing together.

I stayed behind to eat some more, haha, and continue chatting. Found out that Karen might be alone with the kids very soon, because Evan received an overseas posting for 3-4 months, not confirmed yet, but pretty much would happen, she says. I commiserated with her, sigh, it would be tough, with her taking care of 4 kids alone. I wish I would still be around, at least can provide some company for her, if not, some help with the kids.

She's a very strong lady though, I am sure she would do very well. :-)

Just when I was bundling the kids up to go home, Dh told me Ron deemed the problem big enough to call in the professionals, so he was leaving for school.

A guy was called and he was due to come on Wed. So I just piled up my laundry till Wed. Who would know? On Wed, he didn't turn up and when contacted, he said he couldn't make it, because he was still at his day job. Oh! So he's a part-timer! He said he could come by on Fro night or Sat.

We made a new appt, and told Ron, but Ron was getting a little fed up with him too.

In the end, the guy couldn't make it on Fri or Sat too, he called us on Fri morn, and asked to change it to Sun. We couldn't make it on Sun so we told Ron and Ron got another guy. This time, from the Mike Bachman Plumbing Co. They're very good, came almost at once. They arrived Fri afternoon about 4pm and left at 5pm, job done. See my other post.

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