Monday, February 25, 2008 ;
3:33 PM
Feb 16
Sat evening

Reached St George in the late afternoon. Checked in and had a short rest then had dinner at the Palms restaurant in Holiday Inn itself. Too tired to venture out. Ordered fish and chips for the kids to share (below left).

While waiting for the food, they took the Magna Doodle out from my bag and started drawing things for each other to guess. They'd guess nonsensical things and then kept laughing and laughing hysterically. Come to think of it, this simple Magna Doodle has been a really worthwhile purchase.

Instead of bringing reams of paper along on a trip, and tons of crayons or markers, just this tiny sized erasable magnetic writing board does the job. They draw and write and erase, over and over again. And we bought this so long ago, so it can really withstand the test of time and the heavy abuse the kids dole out to it.

After dinner, we had to walk through the main lobby to get to our room. We saw several families soaking in the heated pool and hot tub/ jacuzzi. I did bring swim wear, but we were tired and didn't feel like squeezing in with the crowd.

Then we saw table tennis (they call it ping pong here) table, foosball and pool table. The kids got excited at the foosball. In Spore, usually it is at some arcade and we have to pay, so the kids usually get to play it like, once?

So we stopped to play it, for so long! Both ds love it. But it is kind of dangerous for ds2 because the poles are at his eye level and if Dh and ds1 (opposing team) get too excited and push in their pole a bit too much, they'll poke the pole into ds2's face or eye! After some time, I played my own game with ds2 and let Dh and ds1 play by themselves.

After that we couldn't resist buying an ice cream before going back to the room. St George is much warmer than North Utah and we felt the heat and humidity getting to us. Although, it is still winter and St George has some snow once in a while. Maybe it was the heat from the pool. Anyway..

When we got back to the room, and turned the TV on, we at once saw that Wakko's Wish was being telecast! Ahhhh! It's my one chance to see the whole movie. Fortunately both ds were very entertained by it too, and sat through the whole cartoon. It's Spielberg's early work, when he made Jurassic Park I think, around that time.

I love that animated movie so much, because they had clever use of classical music and put rhyming verses to it. The animations matched perfectly and was so hilarious. The story is also very touching. The songs were so catchy that ds1 is still singing them at home now.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been out on DVD yet. Hopefully one day they decide to release it on DVD.

Feb 17

Morning, went for Bible class at the St George Church of Christ.
Below left shows ds1's classroom. It is a small congregation (Sun morning attendance numbers 34), so all the kids had their Sunday School in the same room. Ds1 could fit in with the older kids (all the others were older than him) but ds2 refused to stay inside, so I brought him out with me and he sat with me in the Adults' class.

They asked Dh to be their song leader for worship, sure know how to make full use of him! haha. Anyway, he likes leading songs.

After worship, Sandy Ditoro (the minister's wife) asked if we wanted to join them for lunch at the Red Lobster, and we did. They were all ladies, so Dh took a pic for us (below right). He was the only male there. haha.

Had a really enjoyable time chatting with the ladies. Since St George is kind of in the middle of nowhere, many of the members in the congregation travel from Nevada and Arizona for worship. So the ladies there comprised of one from the nearest city of Nevada and the other from Mesquite, Arizona.

No wonder their Bible class starts at 10am, because so many people drive long distances to come out here.

The Ditoros are wonderful people. A pity we didn't get to meet Paul (Sandy's hubby, who is the minister). He was down with pneumonia, but they played his taped sermon during worship, and his lesson is very good.

Red Lobster was situated at the Zion Factory Outlet Stores actually. I was so tempted to do some shopping, since I saw many "President's Day Sale" signs hanging in all the shop windows. But we had a 6 hour journey ahead, so we loaded up with Starbucks and went on way home.

Along the way, ds1 took to singing his fav hymn these few days. "We're Marching to Zion". haha. Due to Zion NP's influence I guess. So I did explain to him that the Zion in the hymn refers to the paradise God prepared for us Christians. Or in Bible times, referred to Jerusalem.

Above: St George looks something like that actually. :-) Many people's houses are built on top of that. St George can get flooding, sometimes very bad, so houses being higher up is a good idea.

On the I-15, headed north towards SLC, we'd pass by Zion NP again. This time, we made a short detour to the Kolob Canyon entrance of Zion NP. Stoppped for about 30min only, just to take a quick last look. Above shows ds1 viewing the different layers of rock in the sandstone cliffs, an exhibit in the Kolob Canyon Visitors Center.

After that, the kids and Dh took their afternoon nap while I took over the wheel. Afternoons always make people sleepy, especially after the insulin surge of a heavy meal. I just sipped my Starbucks Java Chip Frapp and took pics of the scenery. That kept me awake, plus listening to the CDs we have in the car.

Some pics I snapped while driving. Not that clear and sometimes slanted, but just for record. :-)
Below: a long freight/ cargo train chug chugging along the base of the mtns.

Above left: snow capped mtns lining the I-15
Above right: all the way downslope! Whee! In the past when I drove manual transmission cars, I just let the car go in free gear and roll down slopes. Now with this auto Corolla with cruise control, I stopped doing that.

Sunset at about 5pm.

Passed the wheel back to Dh around then. We reached home at about 10pm, after a stop in SLC for dinner, where else? Little World. :-)

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