Monday, January 21, 2008 ;
7:56 AM
Jan 9

Snow was so heavy, the tree was weighed down:

And snow just blanketed everything. I couldn't tell there the road started and where the lawn was. Where there were steps or bumps or kerbs.

Above left: my trash bin (and the opposite neighbor's as well) was trapped outside. To bring it in, I had the choice of dragging it a distance through the snow, which was like impossible, since the snow would just keep piling higher, building a higher obstacle to the movement of the trash bin. Or I could shovel a pathway for the trash bin, which is arggh, such a waste of my time.

But I still did it, because I need to dump things in my trash bin throughout the day, and i can't keep going way out there to throw stuff.

Above right: the church building, and the road that led out of the carpark. It was totally covered with snow. That's why Bible class that night was cancelled. There was no way the cars could have gone into the car park. Ok, they can, but the cars would be slip sliding around. :-) Or get stuck and can't move or forth.

Ahh, but what is inconvenience to the adults is pure fun for the kids. They dived into the snow. Made snow balls, threw snow balls and made snow angels (above). It was so soft and powdery.

As I was shovelling away, someone had a lot of fun doing something forbidden. He was eating all the snow he could!!!
Left: he had more trouble trudging through the snow because he is shorter, and the snow went up to his knees, totally. haha. In the end, he mostly just sat in it, rather than try moving around too much.

This pic shows ds1 making snowballs to throw at ds2. ds2 didn't care, he was having too much fun eating more snow.

This pic above also shows my garage door. The snow covering my whole driveway right up to the road. And to make it worse, the snow plow on the main road shoved up a huge wall of ice and snow against the opening of my driveway. So with my tiny shovel, I really spent a LOT of time getting snow off such that I could drive the car out.

Above left: This was taken on another day. Sunday actually, 13th Jan. Dh still not back yet at that time. We were back from church. Steve Daniels kindly shovelled a pathway through the thick snow for us. As we walked home, past the thick snow blanket. What did ds2 do again?

Wasn't aware of it at first. Because I went on ahead to open the door with my keys. Turned around and saw his face. Proof, evidence! So I snapped a pic. Because, upon asking, he claimed that he did not never ever eat the snow (just like how Lola says it in "Charlie and Lola").

Above right: i said ok... and turned my back to him again. Right away, the fellow stooped down to eat somemore... SO i snapped another pic and showed it to him. WHAT were you doing huh??!?

Really wonder, how come he didn't get a few days of diarrhoea, because some parts of the snow he chose to eat from are yellowish brownish muddy snow! Yucks!

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