Friday, January 11, 2008 ;
2:01 PM
Since we will be leaving soon, regardless of whether we go to China or back home, I decided one day, to snap pics of the everyday scenery I pass by, while driving from home to pick ds1 up and then from his school back home again.

Because once we move, the landscape we see will be totally different. And this will bring back fond memories for both me and the kids in future. Because we make these trips so many times, day in day out.

I think they can even remember the CDs I play in their minds as they see these pics I think. haha. If the kids are in a good mood, we usually sing at the top of our voices for the duration of the journey, which in total for each day would be almost 2hrs.

The usual CDs I play: Kids Sunday School songs a capella (gift from Jennifer Crill), Sun Yanzi's compilation, Little Einsteins CD, Singapore songs medley (in order of frequency).

Here goes:
1. Driving to SLC. On a cloudy day. It was either going to rain or snow, can't remember.
The whole Wasatch Mtn range would be on my left as I drive along. It's about 2-3min from my house to I-15. Along I-15 it would be 30-40min on a good day, not much traffic and maxing the speed limit. Otherwise it can be really much longer.

2. On another day, the same direction. Beautiful blue skies.

3. Exited the I-15 and along the main street towards ds1's school. Now mtn range is in front, right ahead.

4. After picking him up. Different day as no. 3. I love this stretch near the Liberty Park. More trees, less shops or houses lining the road. Now mtn range is behind us. Think it just snowed or rained, cos road is wet.

5. On I-15, now on the way back, mtn range is to my right. Powder mountains, they are called. Utah's snow actually has a registered trademark of "Greatest Snow on Earth". :-)

This trip, on the way back , I had more chance to snap pics cos both kids napped. When they don't, I'd have to frequently require one free hand to be passing the kids water, snacks, tissue or toys. Btw, my car is auto now, so I snapped the pics with my right hand. Surprisingly still quite clear even though through the windshield and my hands were not that stable cos the car would be jerky too.

Above: lots of people drive that kind of pick-up truck. Huge and can hold all their DIY project purchases frm Home Depot. haha. But ooh, the other day this kind of truck was in front of me on a slight slope. But cos the slope was icy, though he braked at the red lights, his car still slid back towards mine. Scary. Heart stopped beating for a moment. But they are used to such things, so he actually turned his steering wheel and he mounted the kerb on the side instead of backing into my car straight behind. Of course, I had learnt not to stop too close to others on a slope already. I myself often find the car still skidding forwards or backwards when I brake.

Then another case was: I was driving towards a junction and the lights turned red. The car in front of me slowed and then stopped too, but left a gap between me and the car in front. The car behind though, braked too hard and after braking, still skidded towards me! So he swerved left and managed to avoid hitting me by just a very close shave. The left lane was the shared turning lane, so no one was there then. Good thing. His whole car was in that left lane by then.

Our dear church Elder, who is really quite a funny guy, offered this piece of advice to me. Ok, he sounded really serious about it, so maybe I should. He said when the church parking lot is empty but icy, I should take my car out there and practise sliding around. Just let the car skid and glide all over, then I'll learn how to control it better, on the ice. haha. What if, instead of learning, I crashed into the church building or worse still, right into my own house or the Hoovers'?? :-)

Ok, below is another pic of the journey home, but on a day when it was snowing. Light one only, this snowfall.

As it nears my place, the mountains get nearer to the I-15. But the skies don't seem as blue. Below:

Yup, that's the end of it.

This pic below shows Sugarhouse Park. It is near ds1's school and we went there once, while waiting for his drum lessons to begin. The pond was half frozen already, and all the ducks and geese were crowded around the part that's still water. ds1 wanted to take a pic of me standing there. haha

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