Saturday, December 1, 2007 ;
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Nov 29

Preschool field trip to Red Butte Gardens

It had been snowing, but the field trip was carried out as planned. The school is an accredited expeditionary learning school, so a lot of learning is done outdoors. There is outdoor time scheduled into every level's daily timetable, and regardless of rain, shine or snow, the kids will be out. Unless there is an extreme weather condition. Parents have to check the weather forecasts and are responsible for dressing the kids in appropriate clothes for that day's activities.

We just returned from Chicago, there were tons of laundry and a dirty house to clean up. I was struggling between wanting to go and staying at home to catch up on chores. Then I thought, aiyah, I'm a SAHM... no deadlines, I'd have Friday and Sat to catch up... If I can't get things done in time, who's going to breathe down my neck? The most, I'll leave it to pile up till the next week. So...

We went.

Kids were playing with a moose sculpture.

I had brought both boys to the Gardens before, but that was in Fall, so its interesting to see how the seasonal change brought a totally different scenery and perspective.

It was also more fun with more kids in the rattlesnake maze!
Above right: ds1 with a rattlesnake.

ds2 also enjoyed himself, although he was playing by himself most of the time, rather than with the other older kids.

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