Saturday, January 5, 2008 ;
12:44 PM
Misc updates in Dec:

1. Received some greeting cards from back home.
Thanks to my bio rep who sent a card. For a student who doesn't write much for his bio exam answers, writing that card must have taken quite a lot of effort. :-)

And even my Bio professor at the Uni of Sydney, who I am still in touch with now, after so long. I only did a sem there as an overseas exchange student, but he and his wife have become like family friends to us. They sent us a card with a lovely Australian native fungus species on the cover, and inside, his wife, also a prof, but at the Uni of NSW, wrote: "Remember the fungi!".

2. Thanks to Shawn. The kids liked their presents very much. Here's ds1 fixing up his Lego transformers. After it was done, he used it to fight with his Ultramen. He was making all kinds of sound effects and shouting out their conversation, so I took a pic. Shld've taken a video, would be funnier.

3. Below left: ds2's continued toilet training efforts. I have taken several pics before, but this is the only presentable one, with all the parts that need to be hidden covered. :-) Also he just came back from Sunday school, so he was dressed nicely. In this particular pic, he was singing while pooing.

Below right: after a bath, he likes to wrap the towel around himself for awhile, and run ard the house first, before wearing his clothes. He was doing a squat and jump kind of dance here.

4. I asked ds1 to do this jigsaw puzzle with the 50 states of USA together with me. It had 80+ pieces. He grew bored with it after awhile, and said he wanted to make his own. As usual, it was about Ultramen. Can't remember the other characters in the pic. Prob some robots and the Incredibles?

5. To all moms who worry about sibling rivalry.... take heart, there is hope!

I was really concerned if they'd ever be loving when they were younger. When ds2 was born, ds1 was so affected. He seemed to be angry with ds2's arrival, and despite showering him with lots of love and attention, and explaining to him about the birth, he still had many moments when he would hit his brother.

Now, they still fight, but mostly very normal ones, like about watching TV (each wants a different DVD).. There are more and more instances when I will find them hugging or playing nicely together too. So I set out to capture more of the endearing moments. Hopefully they will remain close and loving way till adulthood, and always be there for each other.

Found them one afternoon, playing in the room, on the bed. Don't know what they were playing, but they were lying together under the covers, talking and laughing with each other. Sometimes they will even ask me to go and do my own work, let them play by themselves.

My mom said my life is getting better now. haha.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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