Friday, January 11, 2008 ;
2:40 PM
Dec 22

Shriners Circus

Over here, I usually get 5-10 calls a day.
They are always about the same few things:
1. Asking for donations to charity or organisation like the Police Troops.
2. Asking if I would try out a service. Eg the carpet cleaners are in my area, do I want them to clean my house?
3. Asking me to get a credit, refinance/ get loan, renovate house, or change my automobile insurance/ warranty. This last one bugs me everyday, sometimes more than once a day.
4. Telling me congrats! I won a prize or a free vacation to Las Vegas or Florida. Always one of these 2 places. Timeshare and so on... Esp from the Wyndham group of properties, always call.

The first week I was here, I was really nice, listened to everything they said. Then I realised it was impossible to say no after listening to them. After I donated several times, I began saying my budget is stretched and I can't donate anymore. They'll ask if I would be a volunteer then. So I did. I helped to mail letters and so on.

Then while a church friend was talking to us, his cell phone rang. He said hello, then abruptly said sorry, bye and just hung up. Said it was one of those sales/ fund raising people.

I realised I have to do that too. Especially for the sales calls. And all the automated voices saying "I'm calling you regarding an urgent and important notice about your automobile warranty." Wah, straightaway I put down.

Ok, so the following Circus was what I got free admission to, when I donated $25 to them when they called me one day.

It was mainly a guy with Barnum and Bailey Circus skill training who conducted the show. Doing various magic tricks, illusion, and then asking for audience participation.

Below: audience very keen to go onstage. Usually they are very sporting.

Above: he got the boy volunteer to put his head and arms into a gullotine contraption, which he had earlier demonstrated to chop off carrots cleanly already. But nothing happened to the boy!

Dec 16

Christmas tea party for ladies

Teresa invited the ladies at church to her new house for tea.
The food was very good, and her spinach spread and cheeses for the crackers are delicious.

That's me and the hostess. Her house was beautiful. She had enough space for her violins and other instruments finally, she said.

Had the chance to chat and catch up with several ladies too. Which was great. Dh and kids were at home, since it was a ladies' event. It was even nice being able to drive to her place by myself. So used to having to lug the kids everywhere I go in the car.

Dec 28 Mon

Dh flew in the morning to San Francisco, to collect his passport. He renewed online, and the Singapore embassy (in Spore) said he needed to collect it personally! So he asked for it to be sent to the nearest embassy to Utah. After he bought the air tix reluctantly to fly to SF, the SF side emailed him saying his passport is ready for collection, but if he can't collect personally, (since we stay in Utah) then they can courier it to us. We only have to pay $19.

Now, instead of $19, he spent almost $200 on the air fare and car rental. Not to mention a whole day wasted. He took the opportunity to visit a bow place there, and bought some good quality wood back to make some more bows of his own. The wood there was highly recommended by a French bowmaker.

And at least, the embassy was very nice. And dh had mints and newspapers given to him. I felt so happy seeing the Straits Times, in print, here. The mints had "Overseas Singaporeans" printed on it.

Final random pic:
ds1 now brings more and more of his fav toys to bed. I used to tell him to take only his fav. Like Andy and Woody in Toy Story? But now he insists that he cannot choose between all his MANY favorites. And he will line them up in position, which cannot be messed up at all.

I took this pic when he was already asleep. I just wonder, how comfortable it is, to have all these plastic figurines occupying so much space on his already tiny bunk bed? Worse still, we sleep on the wider bunk bed below, and sometimes halfway through the night, his Ultramen or Incredibles will fall and drop onto my head. I sleep near the window. Grrrr...

We sleep in the larger room in summer, but all squeeze into this small room in winter, to save on the gas bills heating up rooms and to feel warmer. :-)

Anyway now the larger bedroom has lots of boxes strewn on the bed, since I started packing up some stuff a week ago.

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