Friday, December 7, 2007 ;
5:57 AM
Dec 1

Snowed heavily in the morning. So we decided to build another snowman. Only this time, ds1 wanted an Ultraman one. The only distinguishing features were the "time button" (as he calls it) on the chest, and the fin-like design on the head. The rest, are very un-Ultraman. :-)

ds2 (below right) didn't help much with the snowman. Why? He was busy eating snow! Kept telling him not to, but everytime I turn my back, he'll eat more. Fortunately no diarrhoea. He was even eating the snow off the roads, and the snow there was kind of greyish brownish in color. Silly boy!

Above left: the 3 males of the family. On the way to church on Sunday morning.

Dec 4, Tues

After preschool, while waiting for drum lesson to commence, kids requested to go Liberty Park to play. Since we had more than an hour, I obliged. So I ate my lunch while they played.

Below: ds1 on tyre swings and climbing structure
Then they played with snow too. Threw a lot at each other, till the hair got wet, so I stopped them. Then they wanted me to come play too. So I climbed up this web dome. Ds1 then did something I always do to them, snap pics while they're playing. He got my cam out and told me to wave, haha. (Below right). Below left: he pretended it is a force field that's surrounding him. (a la Violet in Incredibles).

Below: ds1 chasing ds2 all the way to another play castle. Despite me telling them the ice is slippery and that they shouldn't run.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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