Tuesday, January 15, 2008 ;
7:26 AM
Recently I have been brushing up on my Chinese reading and writing skills a lot more.

In a bid to find out what I should bring to Tianjin and what I can buy easily there, so I can pack easier, I had to do a lot of surfing on CHinese sites. I also had to search for apartments on Chinese newspaper classifieds online.

I also got in touch with several mummies in Tianjin through an expat site, and also Facebook, and am corresponding with church contacts there. 3 of them write in Chinese.

I just realised Yahoo is 雅虎 in Chinese. What a nice name. haha. And I have been searching for kids stuff and furniture on the chinese Google too. There's no Ikea in Tianjin, nearest one is in Beijing. But there's a Zara in Tianjin apparently, either that, or opening soon.

I still read Chinese characters at a slow rate, but it is improving now. To think, every single sign and instruction list will be in Chinese characters.. That's going to be in 2 month's time! Still a bit apprehensive, and in disbelief mode. Will still wait till I see the air tickets to really have the mindset that I am going.

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