Saturday, December 22, 2007 ;
2:12 PM
Misc activities in Oct/ Nov:

1. After the bakery field trip, the kids baked bread in school. I went to school to help out but forgot to bring my camera. The kids made bread from scratch and then ate them at snack time. This is what I took of the left overs that ds1 brought home. 2. Bought a cheap but very fun game from Toys R Us called "twister Scram". It has several coloured circles and a spinner. Besides the original game, we could make up lots of other games using the circular mats, which was why I bought it in the first place.

With the 2 kids, I can just throw the circles around and get them to hop or run to whatever colour I call out. With dh, we played more challenging games.

3. I was assisting in the Grade 2-4 Bible class on Wed nights. The teacher in charge often uses puppets and many other visual/ hands-on aids in her lesson. Here's puppet one. Her day job is a librarian for the main library that serves blind and hearing disabled kids in the county. Thus, she does storytime sessions for these kids everyday and is especially good at stimulating other senses in her stories. Recently, a new black family joined the church and the kids like playing with Elisha a lot.

4. A parcel came from my mom in law. She and my mom toured Taiwan and so she sent many Chinese books, tapes and VCDs from there. Some are from our church friends in Taiwan too. Fortunately I can read traditional Chinese characters so I can still read them to the kids.

There's a series of cartoons (originally from Japan) on Vicky the Viking which the kids love. Even dh and I got addicted to it. There's something about Japanese cartoons -- the songs are catchy, the characters are so real and cute.

Best of all, the series teach kids to think out of the box, because Vicky is a young boy who helps to solve many problems by thinking creatively and critically. The only con is -- it illustrates lives of pirates and kind of glorifies them, which I am a little worried the kids may follow.

A search on YouTube surprised me further. It is actually an old series! Lots of adults were reminiscing about it. I didn't watch it when I was young, did any of you?
There are Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Swiss (almost all European countries) versions too. And all the clips are on YouTube. Amazing.

5. I still have a lot of candy and chocolates left over from Halloween. The kids know that.

But I don't like them to eat too much. Yet, after lunch or dinner, they like to ask me for a snack and indicate that cabinet in which I keep the STASH.

I don't like to just hand out the candy, so I thought of a way. However, I am not encouraging nor recommending it, cos experts all say we should not use candy or food as reward (or the withholding of it as punishment). It will supposedly lead to eating disorders in later life.

I don't intend to do this for long, and will stop when the candy runs out.

I told ds1 a marshmallow = 1 point, M&M choc = 2 points, bubblegum = 5 points, lollipop = 10 points, Oreo cookie = 15 points and so on. He went and drew it on a piece of paper.

Then I said, if he helped me do extra chores, he gets to earn points and then he can exchange the points for whatever he wants.

Wow, he was so keen. He began looking under the sofa for trash, asking to peel garlic, wanting to help bake, sort clothes, fold clothes...

Then I was busy, and noticed he was busy too. He was tallying his points and calculating what he can exchange for.

When I finally had time, I went to take a peek at what he was scribbling, and saw several sheets of what looked like this below:

It was so funny to me. He was doing a simplified model method cos he doesn't know how to spell the candy and write out the points. He also did not know how to do subtraction, so he had to draw all those circles and cancel them. Hahaha. That really gave me a kick that day.

6. After Halloween, everywhere was selling their costumes at 50-90% off. I saw some angel and fairy ones, complete with wings and tiara or wands and sparkly shoes, going for prices ranging from $1.99 to $9.99. Wanted to buy online for my niece, Charlene, Minxi etc girls back home, but after I placed the order, they emailed me to say all were out of stock. Sigh.

Managed to get this fireman set, outfit plus boots, maybe because boys' stuff are less in demand. But then after he wore it, all he would do was kung fu and fighting moves. Not like a true fireman at all.

Anyway, it acts as a raincoat too. And the boots are good for snow or wet weather.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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