Friday, November 2, 2007 ;
6:44 AM
After the Eccles Dino trip, ds1 was even more interested in all things related.

So I got him this kit that included some metal tools, and a block of stone-sand rock that contained T. Rex "bones" within. After you chip off all the useless rock, and find all the bones, you have to piece all the bones together to form the complete 3D T. Rex.

ds2 tried it first. He wore the safety goggles and chipped away.

Then ds1 took over, since we'd take hours if ds2 were to go at that rate. :-)

At first they were doing it on a baking tray on my dinner table in the house, since it was dark and cold outside already. It was after dinner, and the kids were waiting for dh to return home when ds1 requested to do that activity.

But after ds1 hammered a few times, I realised that I will have a tough job clearing up in the end, so I made him wear his jacket and brought the whole set up out to the backyard.

Forgot to take pic of the completed T. Rex. But the jaws and head can move, so the kids used it to "fight" with their Ultramen, Incredibles, Spiderman and other figurines. Big fight they staged indeed.

ds1 also made a mobile together with me that day. Which I hung up on the lamp. Anyone who visits us will think our decor is horrendous, cos I put their artwork up on every wall, and their craft hangs here and there. I don't care, my house is for my enjoyment, how many times do people come by anyway? :-)
And the kids like each other's company a lot nowadays. Besides wrestling and playing together, they want to do other things together too. Like reading, lying down on the bed, singing and making music. I always feel very relieved and happy to see such occasions, cos I am very close to my sister and always hope that my kids will be the same.
Initially when ds2 was younger and could not play well with ds1, they were always fighting and crying in the presence of each other. I was very concerned that they'd never get along. So glad to see that as they grow older they get more sensible and loving too.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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