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Oct 25
Bakery Field trip

First, thanks to my parents, sis and bil (bro in law) for this parcel from home. Ultramen that cannot be found here, and lots of other goodies from the pasar malam near Jurong Point. :-)

Bakery Field Trip in ds1's school.

As usual, brought ds2 along. We walked to the bakery from the school. It was a cold morning, but the crisp air and beautiful scenery made it a good walk.

The lady in charge first read a story to the kids. It was about baking bread, and started from what type of ingredients are used, how they are obtained and then the process of combining the ingredients into bread.

Then she "tested" them on the 5 main ingredients. Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly, since kids have amazing memories), the kids rattled off the 5:

1. water. 2. yeast. 3. honey. 4. flour. 5. milk.

She stressed that their bakery used only these ingredients, all-natural, without preservatives, additives and so on. Furthermore, she brought the grains out to show the kids and let them feel the difference between refined white flour and whole grain flour.

She then stressed that the bakery baked bread using whole grain flour. Wow. The kids seemed to be suitably determined that from then on, they will only eat whole grain stuff. haha.

She also let them taste and feel all the other main ingredients. The funny thing is, since all the kids were so impressed, they even wanted to feel and taste water, as if it was some special water that was used.

When she came to yeast (not the dried kind), she did say it might be yucky to some. So all the kids didn't want to even come near it but ds1 wanted to smell how yucky it is. So she let him. haha, he wrinkled up his nose and scrunched up his face. Even my 18 yr old students don't like the smell when we use yeast in Bio labs.

Then the kids were brought around the facility, to see the mill, the giant mixers, the giant oven and how the dough is knead by the baker. The kids were all "oohing, aahing, wowing", cos everything was super sized. I was impressed that the oven could bake 800 loaves at a time. Something like that, now the exact figure is not too clear in my head.

The white bread loaf would feel much lighter than a whole grain bread loaf too. And they even quote from Dr Sears, a parenting guru, that "White bread is air bread. Whole grain is heavier because it's muscle bread." :-)

The best part: each kid was given a loaf of whole grain bread and a huge chocoloate chip cookie. My, the cookie tasted so good, warm and fresh out of the oven. The bread too, smelt and tasted really delicious. Only thing, both boys were not used to whole grain and didn't really like the rougher texture. But the "brainwashing" did work, and ds1 was compelled to finish up a thick slice, just so he'd have bigger muscles. :-)

The teacher was so nice. There were extra cookies and she offered ds2 one, all to himself.

We then walked all the way back to school. Since there was still half an hour before school ended, the kids could play in the playground.

Above left: the school with a tree that shde all its leaves already, and another still in its red glory.

Above right: ds1 with Jimmy at the swings. Jimmy's mom told me that Jimmy went back home to tell her that ds1 is his best friend. :-) Nice to know ds1 has "best friends".

2 other moms were there at the school playground too. River's mom also brought her younger one, a girl, who happily rode on a trike. So adorable. (above left).

Aiden's mom was talking to River's mom while sitting on another similar trike too. I should've snapped a pic of the baby and her side by side. Would make a good pic. :-)

After school, I brought the kids to Inglewood Park which was near the drum teacher's house. We had picnic lunch there, and the kids played with the slides and sand for awhile before it was time for drums. While the kids were running around, I sat back to enjoy the surroundings and realised the fall foliage, and the street just beside the playground was actually very beautiful. So I snapped a pic (above right). After we leave Utah, these will serve as fond memories.
Whee down the slide! "Look at my hair! All standing up!"
Burrowing and kicking up a storm in the deep pile of fallen leaves.

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