Wednesday, November 28, 2007 ;
5:21 AM
Nov 22

McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade
State Street, Chicago Downtown

We headed out bright and early to State Street, which was far from our hotel. To catch this parade, which had many marching bands, floats and performances. McDonald's is the sponsor. We got several free Mac's food coupons while watching the parade too. Weather was not that good though. It was snowing, a chilly wind was blowing, and the skies were grey and cloudy.

We didn't know it then, but our friends in Utah were watching the news, and they said they laughed at us, when they saw the Weather Channel say there was bad weather in Chicago over Thanksgiving. Grrrr...

Above left: Macy's. Again, like in NYC, Macy's occupied a huge building with lovely archi. Here in Chicago, it has a very rich historical background. Can't remember what I read already, but I'm sure Wiki will have that info. :-)

Above right: the bands mesmerised the kids most. This is one of them. We were standing just by the roadside. Great view. And kinda outside Dunkin Donuts shop too. So the smell of hot donuts kept wafting out towards us.

Although my loyalty is towards Krispy Kreme, I couldn't stand it, after about half an hour. I got dh to go in and buy hot chocolate and some donuts. Hehe. The hot chocolate did wonders for us, and we didn't freeze to death, despite wearing much less than the other tourists around us.

We had seen the temperature range of Chicago, and it was similar to SLC, but then, we didn't expect the wind to be so cold. It was strong, as expected, but it was more humid in Chicago, and the wind thus packed more chill in it. If you know what I mean. Fortunately we were "trained" by the cold the past winter, so we could still enjoy the whole parade, with just a little discomfort whenever the wind blew in our direction.

Above: the police officer in front of us kept sipping his hot coffee or cocoa too. Brrrrr...

Above: a colorful El train passed over head a marching band.

Below: later on, after the parade, and after redeeming the free food from Mac's, we took the train to Polk station where Rush Medical Center/ hospital and University is.

Shawn's apartment was just there, and he picked us up. We all went to his apartment to use the toilet. haha. Mac's toilet was closed, we didn't see anyt toilets at the train station, and we had been "holding it in" the whole morning. Quite funny, fortunately he is an old friend. Cos the moment we saw him, I was like, "Err, can we use the toilet first?"

At his apartment, we enjoyed some drinks and Greek baklava. He bought some bananas for the kids! We had mentioned the day before that the kids would only eat banana, and we couldn't find any at Walgreens and other supermarkets. So we happily took the bunch.
Then we went to Viet town for lunch.

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