Wednesday, November 28, 2007 ;
4:12 AM
Nov 21

Visited the Field Museum of Natural History at Museum campus along Lakeshore Drive. What more can I say? It is one of my favorites, together with Shedd Aquarium.

This is the main hall, what you see once you enter the museum. Very grand, very nice archi.

Left: elephants

Right: Sue the T. Rex. Very interesting story behind how she was found and pieced. Sue was the one who found the fossils. It's not that the dino is female.

Above left: The Crown Family Playlab. Many exhibits and hands on stuff for the kids to learn and play with.

Above right: totem poles in front of the Africa Hall.

Above left: ds1 putting his hands through the barnacles. shows how they filter feed.

Above right: ds1 examining some rocks.

ds2 looking at the "big birds". I took hundreds of pictures of the animal and plant exhibits, cos there's so much to learn. And I still have the mentality that "hey! I could use that for my Bio class!" when actually I won't be going back to teaching for maybe a long long time to come. So I just snapped away. (Between me and dh, we have 6Gb of memory space for pictures, so it doesn't matter if I "waste" some.)

The exhibits were very comprehensive, and they covered every kingdom, phylum, class, order, family.. it seems. We didn't have time to finish looking at everything!

At the ethnic music room. ds2 with bells, ds1 with small Japanese Taiko drum.

After that, Shawn picked us up from the museum for dinner, which I mentioned in an earlier post already. :-)

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