Friday, November 16, 2007 ;
2:47 PM
Nov 15

School field trip to Tracy Aviary.

I joined, as usual, and brought ds2 along. We get free admission if we follow the school group.

It was very cold, and all the birds were also trying to keep warm.
The pink flamingos.
The great white pelicans. There were feeding sessions for the pelicans too.

The whole class of kids, mummies, and teacher walking the trails in the aviary.

When it was time, we had the choice of leaving with the teacher or staying in the aviary. I stayed behind. We toured the remaining areas and had a look at the gift shop. I was glad I decided to take a look!

The gift shop is very service oriented. They had a corner full of learning activities for the kids. Charts, books, coloring sheets, puzzles and all. They even had a cosy corner for us to sit with our kids and read a story to them...When I was reading a book to them, the staff member came out with more activity sheets suitable for ds1's age for us. So nice. So ds1 sat there to finish up his activity sheets.

We were there for quite long, and to thank them and show them they were much appreciated, I bought an ivory-billed woodpecker stuffed toy bird. :-) Like it cos it is really special. It is the largest woodpecker species with a unique call.

This bird had been thought to be extinct for a long time, until scientists suddenly discovered a male bird in Arkansas in 2004 and 2005 (Wikipedia). If the sightings are further proved, this would make the woodpecker a lazarus species. (Live species found after being extinct)

I find the term interesting, because Lazarus was this guy in the Bible who was Jesus' good friend. He died and was resurrected back to life by Jesus.

In school the next week, the kids made birdfeeders. They used pine cones, smeared the cones with peanut butter and added all kinds of yummy seeds. It smelt good too. I told ds1 even I was tempted to try it. So we hung it out on the tree in the front lawn and waited for birds to come.

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