Monday, November 12, 2007 ;
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Nov 9



A church friend passed away. She was almost 100 yrs old. But she had still be coming to church regularly. She'd also talk to my kids and give me parenting tips. She had been a schoolteacher all her life. She's black, and had been an influential figure in the black community. There were many people at her wake, maybe many of them her exstudents.

Our family attended the viewing and a memorial service by her sorority was in progress while we were there. The kids seemed to know the serious nature of the occasion and actually kept very solemn and quiet through the service. Then I did carry them up to have a last look at Mrs Goodwin too.

While offering condolences to her family, they were actually not sad but happy that she has left the pain of her illnesses and gone on to a better life. Her daughter was laughing away and mingling with guests. Very different from Chinese funerals where people are weeping, especially when the coffin is moving out.

As a Christian, I know I would get to meet those who died again, in heaven. I might be happy for the person if that person also wished to be free from pain too, and had wanted to go. I might be somewhat sad because we won't be able to talk and do things together like in the past, and that might cause me to shed some tears, but ya, I probably won't weep too hard. If it had been a long process of illness and old age and it was not unexpected.

Usually the greatest grief hits when it is totally unexpected, and someone passes without illness or I couldn't be there at the last moment.

Nov 10


Met up with Sarah, a Sporean sent to U of U from SingHealth for an attachment. She's here to do some research on cardiovascular diseases, with emphasis on pharmaceutical aspects. She also had the chance to meet with patients too.

Dh and the boys stayed home, cos I brought her to Park City to shop at the outlets, so there wasn't much point for the men to tag along. They won't enjoy it much, and dh wasn't feeling very well. He had a cold.

Picked her up at the U of U, and there happened to be a sports event or competition that day, so the UofU band was out in full force. They were marching across the streets so the cars had to stop to give way. Since we were halted there, we took pics of the band.

Had a good lunch of fish and chips at the No Worries Cafe and Grill on the way to Park City. Dh and I found that during our last few trips there. That's cool Sarah there. She's also a bodybuilder and even teaches kickboxing and other classes back in Spore, after her full time job as a pharmacist. Incredible. And yes, she's got all those rippling muscles and well toned arms.

Shopped till 5pm. I bought some kids stuff. She managed to get Nike stuff, diamonds, Coach bags, Emporio Armani watch, all at a steal. Seems like everyone who comes here buys Coach. Jessie was saying that. Another Sporean friend, Ruoyi also bought a bag, which she was delighted with, and said it was really cheap. Although I am not a bag person (still carrying a diaper bag), this made me wonder if I should go have a look while I am here.

Following Sarah's suggestion, we made a stop at this Japanese cafe to buy take-outs, cos it was getting dark and I needed to get home before it was too late. The sushi, bento and noodles look very good indeed.

Sent her home and reached home at 8pm. Boys were fine with their dad the whole day. Very happy.

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