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Oct 29

Cold Springs Trout Farm

Mon and Tues were school hols so my neighbors were also free. Made a date to go fishing together.

Karen has a minivan, so we all loaded up into the van together. It was like a mini school excursion, and the 6 kids somehow had a very festive mood, talking and laughing at the back of the van together.
The trout farm is in Ogden, and was nestled against the Wasatch Mountains, so the drive was also scenic, and the farm is beautiful.

It's also very reasonably priced. They have fishing rods, lines, hooks, bait, fish food, buckets and all. And they didn't charge us a fee when we went in. I paid just $16 for the 5 fish that was so nicely cleaned, descaled and filleted for me, as well as the whole time of fun and equipment rental. I think it's really worth it, cos buying the frozen fish at the supermarket is already very expensive.

Somehow, when the kids got the trout on the hook, their screams and squeals of excitement are so infectious. It was difficult for me not to have fun too! When one of them caught a fish, that one starts yelling, then it gets all the others dashing to that victor, then everyone is jumping up and down cheering and clapping. I find myself doing the same, only for me, I rush over to take pics of them. So below are all the kids' 1st fish that they caught, and then subsequently all of the 5 trout that ds1 caught.

There were several ponds actually, but the kids liked the big one the best, cos there was a small bridge and waterfall there. The 2 youngest, Daniel and ds2 did not fish, but had fun their own way.

ds2 kept wanting to get into the pond. So I had no chance to help ds1 or even try fishing myself. Basically he just watched the older boys and tried it himself. That's why he was especially proud of his 5 fish.

Above left: ds2 trying again, to get into the pond, despite repeated warnings that it is deep and very cold.
Above right: ds2 playing with the trout that has been caught. We kept them in water in the buckets so that they stay fresh.

ds2 has always tried catching fish with his hands with no success, even back home in Singapore where my in laws had a fish pond. Cos the fish swim too fast.
But he was absolutely delighted that now, the bucket is so small and the fish is so big. So he kept feeling and touching and grabbing the trout.

Wanted to tell him the trout is very "poor thing" but then I realised I was going to kill it and eat it later, so errrm, then I'd be the greater sinner right, so I held my tongue.

Karen doesn't like the feel of the slimy fish. Furthermore it will struggle, squirm, wiggle out of our grasp. I also experienced it, cos we have to help our kids get the fish out of the hook and into the bucket.

But, having been trained in Bio, and also dissected a huge dogfish in Uni under a Vertebrate module, I had to be brave. At least, I put on a brave face. But when Karen's son's hook got really stuck in the fish's gills, and I was trying to help get the fish out gently, the hook just wouldn't come free, more blood was oozing out, and the poor trout kept struggling.

We gave up and asked the farm guy for help. We didn't look as he pulled the hook out. Ouch.
Yup, yet the irony is, I am perfectly ok in frying the fish later.

Karen had an appointment in the afternoon, so we had to get the kids home. They were very reluctant to stop. It was so fun for them. The grand total for ds1 was 5 trout, of 2 different species, supposedly native to Utah.

That's the nice guy filleting my fish.

And once I reached home, I couldn't wait to try the super fresh fish. So I stir fried them.

And somehow, because it is fresh, it tasted really good even though I didn't use any sauce or marinade, only sprinkled some salt onto it. Dh also liked it very much, and was keen to go and try it himself. But he has no time lah. :-)

I used to dislike freshwater fish a lot, and only liked deep sea fish. But this had changed my mind. I guess it just has to be fresh. If it isn't fresh, any type of fish would taste horrible.

The next day (tues) the kids stil had school hols, so they came over to my house while Karen and I had Bible study, and then at noon, we all went to MacDonalds for lunch together. Bringing 6 kids out is kinda rowdy though, esp my boys! Next time we'll take-out. :-)

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