Monday, December 3, 2007 ;
3:18 PM
Had to squeeze a post in even though busy!

ds2 finally reached 2 important milestones within a day.

We'd been down to one night feed for awhile, successfully dodging all day feeds. The night feed continued to gradually shift from 11pm to 1am then finally was hanging around 3am to 5am. Just that once.

Last night (Sat night), he didn't wake up at all! I was so pleasantly surprised to realise in the morning that he didn't wake up to nurse! Ok, I know this is just once, but at least it happened once. Let's hope it'll continue!

Then with regards to toilet-training, for months he has been diaper-free in the day when we are at home. However, we go out a lot and have vacations and such, so when those occur, I'll wear diapers for him. He doesn't wear diapers for his nap and will tell me whenever he needs to pass urine.

However, for the bigger business, he has always preferred to do it in the diapers. So I had to try many ways to get him to tell me before he does it. But usually he still does it, then tell me.

Today (Sunday), he finally did it! He came to me, pulled his pants down and said "defaecate". So I quickly brought him to the toilet bowl, sat him there, and waited. Wah, the sound of the faeces plopping down into the bowl was then the nicest sound I wanted to hear!

I clapped and praised him. He looked very proud of himself too.
This is not being totally diaper-free yet, but is such an important step in that process.

ds1 did that very early on, way before he turned 2, so with ds2, I had been waiting for a long time already. :-) So glad it finally happened.

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