Sunday, October 21, 2007 ;
6:56 AM
Since Sept, there had been some flurries of snow (or rather sleet) that will fall for an hour or so, then melt quickly as rain falls or sun shines.

In Oct, the mountain tops would be frequently blanketed with snow, and we get more sleet and hail sometimes. The kids like to play with it, so I'll brave it to scoop a bucket and bring it into the kitchen. Then they'll sit there and play with it, making Snowcastles and so on.
Above right: our window outer frame dropped down during the storm.

Below: kids letting the sleet slide down the slide in balls and clumps.

Oct 19

After photo-taking in school and Discovery Center, kids slept in the car all the way home, then we had dinner at the Crills' house.

Some time ago (Aug 5), Elaine started the Young Professionals group in church with a luncheon, and we were invited to join. We were honored, cos hmmm, we're still young! :-) We and the Crills are the oldest there.

We had a separate Bible class on Sunday morning taught by one of the Elders, and there'll be gatherings and other activities coming up too. It's good, cos this bunch of young adults have outgrown the things the youth group does, yet their interests are different from the other older adults in the church.

So a Friday each month, we have a potluck in someone's house. This time it's at the Crills'. After a great dinner, everyone discovered that Matt has Wii.

Ahh, everyone settled on the sofa and played a round of bowling. I also tried it, it was my first time playing Wii, so fun! If I had time and money I would buy that and play all the time too. But then I have the kids, so I better not buy that in the near future. It'll be too distracting and no housework will get done, I think. :-)

Above left: the group game of bowling.

Above right: tennis mixed doubles. I tried it too. Matt reminded us not to fling the remote such that it flies off. Cos his sister did it once while playing tennis and it broke a vase. It's easy to get excited, cos I did, and fortunately the string was wound around my wrist. :-)

Then they played some other games and then boxing, which I wasn't interested. ds1 was though. You should see him, so engrossed in it.

Matt played once with him and then dh played against him too. Matt let him win, obviously, as shown in the video below. haha.

Those black-haired friends are all Americans by the way, not Asians, in case you think they are. :-)

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