Friday, November 9, 2007 ;
2:42 AM
Just recently started ordering part of my groceries from a farm. They deliver right to my doorstep.

There is a delivery charge of $2.49 but it's reasonable since if I went out for groceries, my gasoline would cost the same too. And I need not lug the kids around, which is great.

I order items like milk, eggs, bread, which are all farm fresh. i.e., the milk is directly from the cow to me. :-) They claim they send it out to me within 24hrs of milking the cow. So...
The milk does taste better. Eggs and bread, I cannot tell the difference just by taste alone. However, I like it that their bread does not have any preservatives. I compared it to the supermarket one and the supermarket one has calcium propionate as preservative. The downside is, I have to keep the bread in the fridge (as stated on package), if not it will spoil easily.

I tried some other items too, like grapes, mushrooms, guacamole and peanut butter. The mushrooms, forget it. Supermarket has fresher ones. So I think this farm doesn't grow their own mushrooms. The grapes were really sweet. Guacamole was handmade, and I can see the chunks of tomatoes, cilantro (coriander or Chinese parsley in Spore), avocados, so I think it is truly freshly made without any preservatives.

What really got me shouting, "wow, I've never tasted anything better!" was the peanut butter. They said they roast their own peanuts and ground them to make the peanut butter, so I bought it to try. True enough, their peanut butter cannot spread very well, cos it is chock full of peanuts! But it was so lovely. I can taste peanuts more than the creamy spread! They also sell their own homemade almond butter and other butter and spreads. I'll definitely want to try them all.

This morning, I had a wholemeal bread sandwich with turkey breast, guacamole, homemade peanut butter and pickles. Sigh, it was heavenly. No wonder I am putting on weight.

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