Tuesday, October 9, 2007 ;
12:43 PM
Oct 8
7-9 pm

The Robinson family at church invited us for a choir concert at their son's high school. It's pretty near our house, so I agreed. Dh might not be able to make it in time, but he said he'll try.

It'll be the first school concert we attend here! In Spore, we used to go school concerts all the time, cos I'd support my students, or my own CO was performing, or we'd get tickets from my friends who are also teachers, or from Dh since he was in CCAB. Was quite excited since I want to have the chance to see how the concerts here are like.

Dh made it home just in time to leave for concert, but no time for his dinner. Nvm, he joined choir all the way through school (except in TCHS, cos there was no choir there then), and would sacrifice just to go for a choir concert.

Above left: the school audi. Initially I was wondering, wow, the carpark is huge. Hc's carpark is already much larger than most schools in Spore, and this was even larger. Then I realised! Of course! All the students here drive to school also. They need to have a huge carpark!

Above right: Many people were taking pictures and video clips, so I did too. Didn't dare to stand up like some others though, so had to make do with the heads of all the audience in front of me also.

And oh yes, need to mention, all these concerts are free. So I told Mrs Robinson that I'd like to know whenever any other concert comes up, cos I'd want to bring the kids. She said there'd be band and other concerts too. Great!

Best of all, they allow all kids. Because these high school students may have siblings and cousins who want to support them too. I also saw babies in arms, so I didn't have to worry about gaining admission with my kids.

Here's a short video clip. Sorry about the shaking and the abrupt stop at the end. Ds2 was sitting on my lap and he was pulling on the camera to try and see the screen. Arrrggh.

Mr Robinson himself was from the choir and he can sing very well too. The standard of the choirs we heard that day were not bad. Bearing in mind, they do not have CCA practices like us. Their rehearsals were all done within curriculum time. They have arts and aesthetics periods in school, so if they took Choir as elective, they'll go rehearse.

I asked the boy after the concert, and he confirmed that he didn't need to stay back after school at all, and did not return for a single Sat, in preparation for the concert! Hmmm. What great family life people enjoy here then!

Working adults get to leave for home at 4pm (peak periods on freeways where jams occur are from 4.30 to 6pm). Students, even up to senior high, leave school at 3.30pm. They have time to chat, rest and have dinner together every single night. Sigh...

I remember, as a student, ending CO practice at 7.30pm, returning to school every Sat just before a concert or competition... Having practice so many days a week, even during the hols... Seldom dined with my parents or sis on weekdays ever since I entered JC. I do hope my kids won't have too punishing a schedule in future!

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