Tuesday, October 16, 2007 ;
1:59 PM
I had always used YouTube clips as part of my resources to teach my kids and also to entertain them.

Eg When they wanted to watch Dora, Diego, Little Einsteins, Barney etc, I would either go to the Nick Jr, Disney etc respective website for them to watch the trailers and clips. Very often, you can find clips of whole TV episodes on those sites.

We also used YouTube for Chinese MTVs, Labi Xiaoxin cartoons and so on. Clips that expose them to more Chinese (we otherwise can't find here) or just for laughs. I laugh very hard at some of the Chinese or Japanese clips. The kids don't understand, but they see me laugh so hard, they also laugh very hard. Funny kids.

Anyway, it has so far been good clean entertainment. I especially like this Chinese clip that teaches how CHinese words are formed.
The kids love it and watch it over and over. ds2 in fact, learnt to follow and say the Chinese words for "fish" "horse" etc via this clip.
Even for me, it is very entertaining, how characters come to life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1fWLDauug0

But then, I just found out how many spoofs there are on YouTube too. If I typed Little Einsteins, there'd be as many spoofs too, where people use the footage but add their own rap music and make the Einsteins say weird things or splice other segments into the clip and end up with a funny parody.

Those are still ok, but then there is this Dora one, where the producer made Dora and Boots curse and swear the whole clip through! Fortunately I screened them.

This one on Dora doesn't have cursing, but it is so funny. For parents of young kids, who also watch Dora, you know Dora always zooms in on animals and then try to help them etc? Dora will also enlist the audience's help? Well, this has Dora asking the audience "Can anyone tell me how to check for hernia?" ??!?!? i can't help laughing.

And then Dora always talks in Spanish too, so everything else is the same, only they named the girl Maraka. and Boots the monkey is a cat here. so hilarious!


Anyway, although this is just funny, there are many other clips that are not suitable for kids' viewing. So I have to be alert and vigilant when using YouTube clips. They are a superb resource if used wisely.

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