Tuesday, September 18, 2007 ;
3:33 AM
Some of my friends posted on making lunches or snacks for kids in school before, like Dory and Mary. Dory, on UK moms, and Mary, on Japanese moms. Someone else did too, I forgot, was it Jessica or someone on Multiply. Some of them make really aesthetically pleasing lunches.

Take a look: http://msittig.freeshell.org/imgs/bento/ (this is just an example). This has Ultraman Bentos! http://www.bentocorner.com/roller/page/bentoblog/20060619

Right now, I only need to prepare a snack for ds1 cos he eats breakfast at 7.30am in the car, on the way to school, then at 11am or so, they have snack time in school. So I needn't do a really balanced or big meal, with fruits and all.

Here's one of the staples I prepare, because he likes rice and cheese and seaweed a lot.

Sometimes I give him some fried rice or fried noodles which I cooked the night before. Otherwise it could be heart-shaped sandwiches (all heart-shaped because I only have heart-shaped cookie cutters, haha).

When he goes to school for a longer period of time, then I would need those pretty bento boxes with partitions to include fruits and other stuff. Those examples I looked at really involve a lot of time preparation and skills! It looks fun though, so hopefully I have the time to do all that in future!

Went to school for their Salad Making to take some pics. The teacher is very nice. She welcomes all siblings and family members to their class' field trips or activities as long as we let her know beforehand and of course we need to behave in a manner that does not interrupt the class.

It's very simple, the kids just mix their own salad from all the ingredients we moms packed for them. Each mom packed some. A lot of kids here are allergic to nuts or dairy products, so we were told not to bring nuts or cheese. When we celebrate our kids' birthdays too, our cakes must be nut and dairy-free.

Above left: That's Naia with ds2 in the background. The teacher also gave him a plate, but I only put some peas on it cos I didn't want him making a mess.
Above right: some of the ingredients. There were American items: sausage, raisins, corn (I brought). Japanese: edamame (I brought some). Chinese: I brought meat floss with sesame seeds. Other items: someone brought snow peas, cranberries, hummus, tofu, and some others I cannot remember.

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