Sunday, September 2, 2007 ;
3:23 AM
30 Aug

ds1's first playdate

As previously mentioned, it was after school, with Naia, and her nannies.
Below, we took some pics together. Her nannies are Billie and Pin, both from Chiang Mai, Thailand. So we had a great chat because I had been to Chiang Mai with my family when I was younger, for a Bible lectureship.

We reached Liberty Park and found a good spot for a picnic. The nannies brought the mat, and fruits and Naia's pasta with chicken breast. She eats very healthy, normally eats organic and vegetarian stuff. I? I had bought Mac's Happy meal for the kids, cos we woke too early to prepare any proper food.

I bought more to share, and the nannies loved the McNuggets. Why? Cos they say Naia's parents eat very healthy food, so they seldom get to eat Macs. I bought 20pcs, so there were plenty to go ard. :-)

After eating, the kids went to play on the swings, slides and then finally spent a lot of time at the sand.

We were there from 11.40am to 2.30pm. So they had a smashing time. According to the nannies, Naia takes a long time to warm up to friends, so it was great that by the end of the playdate, both ds1 and her were behaving as if they were old friends. :-)
I sent the pics to Naia's mom and her nannies also. According to Pin, her mom treasures the pics very much!

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