Saturday, September 22, 2007 ;
10:48 AM
So sorry, my blog is in a disorganised mess. We just came back from Colorado and New Mexico, visiting friends and exploring too. Kind of a last minute trip. I will have trouble finding time to update on the trips so will just do them in the "near future" when I have more time (hopefully).

I will need to continue to post on the kids' milestones cos this blog is in part for their reference in future. :-)

First, an update on my newfound source of freedom -- this Toyota Corolla.
Given our current status - dh as student and me as SAHM - we would never have owned 2 cars in Spore. Much less to say dh having the Chev Malibu (a 3.1L car) and me this corolla (a 1.8L car with the works).
I am so happy with it, not just because of the good deal we got (more ltr), but because now I need not be cooped at home, and can bring kids anywhere I want in the day (theoretically). It is also a very good drive. And very economical (fuel consumption).

I totally like this pic also, cos it looks cool. Dh took it while we were at the Arches National Park. Me and kids were in the car and dh pulled over at a scenic viewpoint to take pics of the beautiful red rocks and natural bridges. Then he just turned towards us and snapped this. But it made the car look so new and beautiful, haha. It's actually very dirty/ dusty/ muddy, this day being our last day of the 6 day road trip.

Next, the reason for this post.

2 weeks ago, we were out in the backyard cycling again (as usual) then ds1 tried to perform some stunt on his bike and fell. I told him it was because the trainer wheels were at the side, so he cannot do the side-skidding-whatever thing he was doing cos the trainer wheels will prevent that and make the bike unstable. He then asked for the trainers to be removed.

I told him that he would find the bike difficult to ride after the trainers are removed, that cycling will be different and he may fall many times before he masters riding again. He said ok. So I searched for dh's toolbox and removed the trainers.

He did fall many times and at first I helped him to balance the bike then held the bike a bit while he set off. Then I had to run alongside him many times. I got really out of breath and exhausted so I told him to take a break. But he refused to give up. By then, I also needed to prepare dinner, so I went into the house with ds2.

When dinner was done, he was still at it. I observed him from the kitchen window. He's really stubborn, but at such things, it works to his advantage, cos he was making good progress.

The next few days were similar, he kept wanting to practise on the bike, and he didn't want any help from me anymore. When Sat came, dh helped him some, and gave him some advice in setting off, cos that was the hard part. (See pic below)

Then we set off on our road trip last week, and today was the 1st day he could go on his bike again. I am busier than usual cos there are more loads of laundry, stuff to unpack, photos to sort out and things to clear. So I let the kids play outside by themselves.

Suddenly, I heard ds1 hollering for me to go out to watch him. I went out and he actually could ride the bike smoothly now! I was very surprised and quickly went to grab my digicam and videocam. He still falls, but now he can ride from the doorstep down the path, veer across the grass patch, go down the kerb to the church building's carpark and reach the fence there. All without falling.

Very proud of him cos he kind of did it himself. And very happy for him cos the look of liberation and glee on his face tells it all. I cannot remember the day I learnt to ride my bike, but I certainly love the thrill of riding bikes, so I can understand how he feels.

The breeze on the face, the hair flying, the things whizzing by...

With this, I have to be prepared also for more serious injuries. I can remember my own. How I scraped my knee so badly the fats and even kneecap could be seen (seemingly). But then, in those days we didn't have knee guards and helmets, so...

I also have to brace myself for that inevitable day when he may want to get a motorbike licence. I don't think I can stop him because his dad rides and his mom rides pillion. SO.... Just have to educate them on safety... Although I think I will never stop worrying about them on the road.

Finally I understand why my mom nags so much. :-)

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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