Monday, August 20, 2007 ;
6:17 AM
This post is current! :-)
hv not posted current posts for so long.

Have been indulging a lot in cooking whatever we miss from Spore, whenever possible. Ytd, tried cooking coconut rice (aka nasi lemak rice), but without pandan leaves.

Still it tasted and smelt very fragrant. Eating it brought back memories of Adam Rd's and Boon Lay FC's nasi lemak. Yum yum. We ate it with fried silver fish (no ikan bilis here), eggs and veggies. Even the silver fish was from Spore.

We also had another round of chicken rice. This time, without the Prima mix. Just cook chicken broth, add it in when cooking rice. True, it will never be the same without the pandan leaves and chilli sauce, but it's the closest we get to it, and we are happy enough.

A church friend who hunts gave us some wild boar meat that he hunted down himself. Not sure which cut he gave us, but it was very good. We used some for pork chops, some for stir fry and then the part with the thick bone for a stew. I loved the stew best. The kids didn't care for the former two, but they slurped every last bit of their rice with the stew.

Somehow, wild game has a sweetness? That's what dh said. Maybe it's like organic veggies and fruits, or farm-fresh ones. When you let a fruit ripen on the tree and then you pick it to eat, it is so sweet and juicy, the way normal fruits should be.

Perhaps the usual frozen meats from the supermarket were caged and given hormones and whatever stuff we don't know about, so the taste is altered already, and doesn't taste like what meat should.

Also, many church members' gardens are ready for harvest right at this time, and they have much more than they themselves can consume. So every week at the church counter, there'd be tomatoes, peaches, zucchini etc for anyone who wants them to get them. We tried everything.

Really, if you grow it yourself, it is super different! I have never tasted better zucchinis or sweeter tomatoes before. I mean, the tomatoes can be eaten as fruits, like apples! I bit into one cherry tomato from the Dowdys and I just couldn't stop. In the end, we ate the whole paper bag worth of tomatoes just like that. I never thought I would like tomatoes so much, cos the ones I usually buy are a little sour, or basically tasteless.

And then the zucchini needed only a sprinkle of salt. Then I put them into the oven, voila, they're done for dinner. Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside.

The peaches are from the elder and his wife. No need to say, they are not hard like what you buy in the supermarket. Smell very fragrant and super sweet.

And now, cos we just met our Singaporean friends (will blog more ltr), we've some more Prima mixes! She brought us Chilli crab, mee rebus, char kway teow and chicken rice packets! Yay!

I'll be busy but happy in the kitchen for the next 2 weeks at least. :-)

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